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10 Things to Know for Becoming a Successful Life Coach

Last updated on August 1, 2019

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Have you decided to become a life coach? Good for you! It’s one of the biggest career choices one can ever make. Why? Because it will change the way how you do business, empathize with others and even treat your spouse.

Those who are just getting started often wish they could get some tips to succeed as a life coach. These tips might offer you the advice you are looking for:

#1: Accept That Not Everyone is Coachable

The signs will be obvious especially when you run into a person who is not coachable. Such a person is not interested in listening to anyone or put in the work. If you are working with such a person, they might force you to lower your fees. When they don’t see results, such people often blame the coach and ask for a refund. Of course, you are not selling spectrum internet plans or merchandise. You are selling services. Whenever such clients come knocking at your door, don’t waste your time and energy on them. When you have to take such clients, make them clear that you can only advise them so much. You don’t have control over their actions.

#2: Coach For Free When You Have To

At the beginning of your career, to get your first client and experience, don’t hesitate in offering free coaching services. Put all your efforts in making a difference in their life. Later on, ask them to do a video testimonial for you. This will help in building a reputation.

#3: Never Chase Clients

Never ever chase clients. When you do that, you are basically lowering your value. It makes you look desperate. Only send a one-time email or text message. If they don’t get back to you that means they are not interested in doing business.

#4: Prepare a Questionnaire

You must always ask your client what they really want to accomplish. For that, prepare a questionnaire. Ask as many questions as you must to get a clear vision of what a client wants to accomplish from your coaching session.

#5: Develop a Rapport

Since you want your clients to trust you, start by establishing a rapport. If you have a knack for getting people to trust you, you will be a natural. They will automatically trust you and open up about their problems.

#6: Learn to Get Comfortable With Silence

Silence is not just uncomfortable, it is awkward. But as a life coach, you need to embrace it. Give your client all the time in the world. They will be eager to fill the void by saying something. That’s when they show vulnerability. Once that happens, you can start working on their issues.

#7: Don’t Take Things Personally

Every individual in this world has a different personality. And it’s ok if you are unable to gel with some of them. You might not be able to develop a connection with some of your clients. But that’s ok. It does not mean you are not good enough.

There are coaches who have a great rapport with their clients. But their clients don’t always take their advice. It is frustrating but experts don’t let this overwhelm them. They keep on working to build trust between them and their client.

#8: Develop Extra Patience

A life coach is a job that demands you to be extra patient. As you work with clients, your patience is put to test. Depending on how hard-headed a client is, it can take months to build trust. How you handle all that with patience tells how good of a life coach you are.

#9: Work Tactfully

A life coach is much more than a cheerleader encouraging and supporting his client. All this is true, but you also responsible for showing them hard cold truth. You need to be realistic with your client. To offer gentle criticism, that too in a constructive way, you need to choose the right words. This way, your client will be more receptive to your advice.

#10: Keep on Selling Yourself

Often, entrepreneurs face a hard time achieving their goals. It happens they don’t sell themselves on their project. They don’t truly commit to their goal. Avoid this at every cost.

To actually take advantage of an opportunity, you must remain focused. Experts suggest to sell yourself on 3 tasks a day. Move to the other 3 tasks the next day and so on. This will help you accomplish more.

Final Words

Be available to your clients. Offer both one-on-one coaching and voice service coaching. As you help your clients achieve their goals, you will become more confident in your abilities.

Post By- Venessa Cade

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