Top 23 best Commerce courses to do after Higher Secondary School in 2019

Top 23 best Commerce courses to do after Higher Secondary School in 2019
The following will find everything that becomes more important for a commerce student when he passes or passes from Higher Secondary School. So let’s talk 23 of the best courses that a student of a commerce can do as a graduation.
B.B.A. => Bachelor of Business Administration- 
Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3-year long course for commerce student. its basically for those students which are interested in the business field. after higher secondary school it is the best course for commerce students.

B.M.S. => Bachelor of Management Science-
Bachelor of Management Science is also a 3-year long course for commerce students after higher secondary school. and a bachelor of management science course is basically for those students who are interested in social science and holistic knowledge in management science.

C.A. => Chartered Accountant-  
Its a chartered accountancy course and its Duration depends on how much time you take training duration and clear all exams.

I.L.C. => Integrated Law course-
Duration of Integrated Law course is 5 years. It also belongs to general graduation like l.l.b.

B.B.S. => Bachelor of Business Studies-
Bachelor of Business Studies is a business related course for commerce students after higher secondary school. Mainly Course duration is 3 years.

B.H.M. => Bachelor of Hotel Management-
Bachelor of Hotel Management course belongs to hospitality. its trained students professionally for the consumer in any hotel in the restaurant and the hospitals. Course duration is mainly 4 years.

B.E. => Bachelor of Economics-
Bachelor of Economics is a 3-year degree program in which student learn about decision-making in business, markets, trade, government, health, and a range of other areas.

B.F.A. => Bachelor of Finance and Accounting-
Bachelor of Finance and Accounting is a 3-year degree course in which students learn all about various accounting field.

B.C.A. => Bachelor of Computer Applications-
Bachelor of Computer Applications is basically 2-year degree cource in which student learn all about basic computer applications and software languages.

B.Sc. Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics)-
Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) is a three-year degree course in India. For this course, only those students are allowed who have completed there higher secondary school with mathematics with commerce. generally, Course duration is 3 years in India but it can be different in another country B.Sc. Statistics. Course duration is 3 years.tries.

B.Sc. (Statistics)
B.Sc. Statistics is a 3-year-long course in which students learn all about a statistical portion of mathematics. Also, students learn about data science and data analytics.

B.M.M.– Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Media- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Media is a 3-year long duration course. In Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Media student learn about mass communication. after this course student gets the post of news reporter and artist.

B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia- 
Animation and Multimedia is a 3-year long course in which student learn about animations making or cartoon movies making. its very populer in the world.

B.E.M.– stands for Bachelor of Event Management- 
Bachelor of Event Management is a 3-year long course in which student learn about various kind of event and their organizations. in other words, a student learns how to organize an event successfully.

B.F.D.– Bachelor of Fashion Design-
Bachelor of Fashion Design is a world’s most popular bachelor degree course. the course duration is a 3-4 year. and it also depends on the country.

B.El.Ed.– Bachelor of Elementary Education-
Bachelor of Elementary Education is a 4-year long course. in Bachelor of Elementary Education student learn to become a primary school teacher.

B.P.Ed.– Bachelor of Physical Education-
Bachelor of Physical Education is a 1-year long course. In Bachelor of Physical Education Course, students learn about the human body. And this course is suited for those students who are interested in sports and sports activities.

D.El.Ed.–Diploma in Elementary Education-
Diploma in Elementary Education Course duration is generally 2 years but it also depends on the country in which its available. In Diploma in Elementary Education student who is already in service in primary or upper primary school but not trained, learn and complete this course.

B.SW. => Bachelor of Social Work-
 Bachelor of Social Work course duration is generally 3-years long. Bachelor of Social Work is a full-time degree course for those students who are interested in social works. in other words, we can say that after the Bachelor of Social Work course students become a professional social worker.

B.CS. => Bachelor of Corporate Secretaryship-
Bachelor of Corporate Secretaryship is generally a 3-year long course in which students learn about the responsibilities of a secretary of the organization or company.

C.M.A. => Cost and Management Accountant-
Cost and Management Accountant is generally 3-year long course. In Cost and Management Accountant course students practiced on the management of accounting based on cost.

C.F.P. => Certified Financial Planner
Certified Financial Planner is a certified course for commerce student. it generally takes 3 years to complete. in Certified Financial Planner course students pay attention to financial planning of organization and its financial goal also.
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