3 Best SEO Real-Life Success Stories: Companies Making Difference to Businesses in Pakistan


Search engine optimization is always a challenge for companies with a goal to promote startups in Pakistan. Every SEO company in Pakistan is trying to get their strategy right so that they can provide clients the benefits they deserve. Search engine optimization is the best business in the world so far if you have the right skills to pursue success; every business has to grow from the scratch whether it is a fortune 500 company or a small size retail business. In this post, we will uncover real life SEO success stories of 3 of the top Pakistani companies who have ranked business websites at the top of Google’s page by using their unique strategies.

  1. SEO.com.pk

When you are a young SEO professional, there are many things you don’t know how to deal with. For example, Google can penalize you for using spam on your website or some SEO professionals use spamming technique on forum pages. SEO.com.pk is one of those companies in Lahore that started with a team of 2 people and had a small existence back in the late 2000s. The company had no visible impact on the traffic of client’s websites and also had low experience of getting traffic from keywords. No one in Lahore except a few SEO professionals knew the tricks to handle complex SEO issues. Moreover, the Internet had no ‘How To’ articles or blogs to gain significant knowledge of SEO.

So what did Seo.com.pk people do to learn the advanced SEO techniques to turn rude clients’ comments into applauding ones? As the SEO managers and team lead says, “It was a time of immense pressure and challenge. We had a goal in our minds that we need to build Pakistan’s top SEO Company in the next five years. Many of our early SEO techniques did not work well and we also lost some organic traffic due to lack of expertise. However, in just a few years, we found solution to all our problems by realizing the power of the Internet. We knew we had to tackle the issue of spam to run successful SEO campaigns, that is why we purchased all books from Amazon and read almost 50 books in 6 months to turn things into our favor to get clients the best results”.

The SEO.com.pk success story is quite amazing; being the oldest and most experienced search engine optimization and web development firm in Lahore, the company utilizes advanced tactics by introducing whiter hat strategies into their SEO campaigns. This helps them to brush up all the aspects of SEO on client’s website and helps to improve both on page and off page SEO as well. If you are looking to get good return on investment, hire SEO.com.pk for your search engine optimization needs.

  • Elink Solutions

One of the most influential people in digital marketing field is Rizwan Zahid, the Chief Executive Officer of Elink Solutions Pakistan. The life of Rizwan Zahid has been full of challenges so far; he emerged as a winner of an SEO contest in Dubai in 2016. Every day while building his digital marketing skills from the scratch, the young SEO student has made it to the director’s chair in a short span of time. Rizwan Zahid states that “Google’s ranking elements apply to any and every business in the world, the sooner you realize it, the better you become in optimizing your websites according to Google’s algorithm”.

When Rizwan Zahid was building his first website and optimizing it with top keywords, he recalls that he had to dive deeper into the website structure. Moreover, Rizwan build his expertise in content marketing, inner marketing, and keywords optimization to get the best results from his SEO efforts. Do not ignore Elink Solution’s capabilities to help you boost your business in Pakistan. Hire this company to get the best return on investment.

  • IT-Height

IT-Height is another top Pakistani search engine optimization organization run and lead by SEO guru Said Nasser. The company is known for having the best expertise in inner linking, outbound marketing, keywords optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and a search engine optimization. When IT-Height was still a new institute in Pakistan, nobody knew how fast it was going to grow. The trainer has trained thousands of students who are working in most prestigious Pakistani and foreign organizations. If you are someone who has no time to lose in Pakistan, then a serious SEO company is waiting to solve your SEM and SMM problems. The professional expertise of Said Nasser will dig into competitor’s content and calculate the on-page statistics for you.

Count on these three top SEO companies in Pakistan with an amazing skill set and track recorded. You can become the next one to boost your business.

Author: Mohsin Ahsan

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