A picture is worth a thousand words. That said, the power of visuals cannot be denied as they are more effective for marketing purposes than words. Photography, illustrations, animation and designing are some dominating forces in the marketing industry. Where pictures of the product and videos provide a glance of the product, illustrations and designs ca deliver a better exposure to the audience while having an artistic approach in the visuals.

Advertisers use illustrations to evoke curiosity in the customers while expressing many different meanings. To put it in simple words, it can appeal to the senses of the audience directly while being more open to interpretations.

In the past decade, there has been a steady shift in marketing from traditional ways of illustrations to 3d product rendering services and product modelling. It provides more freedom to the advertising agencies as they can print or upload the rendered images in the as many different directions as possible.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the five reasons why 3D rendering is important for marketing.

  1. The glorification of the key selling points

It can be said that simple pictures and technical layouts do not highlight the best features of the product on sale. This is where 3D rendering comes in to play.

3D rendering provides an accurate representation of the product and exaggerates the key selling points of the product. Where these images are only the artist’s imaginative impressions, they require a lot of imaginative efforts from the client’s side as well. 3D rendering enables you to visualise the final space ad appeal directly to the senses of the audience.

  • Corrections can be made

Consider this: your client asks you to change a certain colour in the image or shift the size or shape of the window, you can easily do that without having to break down the building. The artist is able to experiment with the visuals until the client is satisfied with the design. You can prevent the bad experience of the client with product rendering. You must remember that one bad experience of the client can disturb your reputation in the industry. Better communication with the client can result in better designs.

  • Cost effective and convenient

With the development of technology, rendering and designing have become cost-effective. It can be outsourced from online websites without even leaving the workplace. It has lowered the time of decision making throughout the production and can save your money. Fat approval of the design and faster construction while guaranteeing the satisfaction of the client can make a smooth business as well as save you time.

  • Better market engagement

The market is continuously evolving, and visuals can be highly effective in attracting the audience. With the 3D rendered products, you can easily impress the potential clients, while influencing their decision to purchase the product. Photo-realistic images of the product can attract more people to the business and lead more engagement of the audience from the advertisement. Social media is one of the major platforms playing an ideal role in attracting and engaging new clients.

  • Gives you a competitive edge

You can boost your portfolio through 3D rendered images. Creating and rendering new projects will not only attract more clients to your work, but it will also increase your chances to stand out in the competitive world of creative artists. As a result, you can get more engagement of the audience and more leads.


3D rendering has been a part of the marketing world for years. However, the prices of the process are becoming cheaper as it develops and evolves. 3D rendering provides a competitive edge to the business and attracts more audience to the business. so it has become essential that you take advantage of the services and influence the decisions of your clients through better marketing.