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4 tricks a teacher should use for tackling boredom in the classroom

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The leading challenge any teacher faces is occupying the attention of students and putting across different ideas in such a manner that it stays with them for a long time. But, on the other hand, it is also important for teachers to remove the element of boredom in the class. For this to happen, the experience of the classroom should be redefined that make teaching means more exciting. Have you ever considered yourself a boring teacher? While you may think that students catch on to every word you say, that may not always be the situation.

It is a fact that everything that you teach will not always hook up with your students. If you observe that your students are bored in class, then it’s time to take action and make alterations in the classroom. You should reject to become a boring teacher and discover a means to keep things more interesting.  From now on, if you do any of the things mentioned below, it will certainly assist in removing the element of boredom in the classroom.

1. Facilitate Brainstorming and Storyboarding Sessions

In order to remove the boredom, you must include brainstorming sessions into your classrooms. These sessions are a great means to get the exciting juices flowing in the students. By doing this, you will engage everyone in the discussion and get many ideas when you have several minds focusing on a single idea. These sessions will build up a great platform for students to give voice to their thoughts without having to worry about what is correct or wrong. You can opt for simple brainstorming that includes the complete classroom or go for group or paired brainstorming sessions. This activity will surely keep students on their toes while removing dullness in the class.

In addition, if something is told in the form of a story, it would become certainly interesting for everyone. Storyboarding is a good method to teach any subject without making things boring in the classroom. For instance, history teachers can make use of a storyboard method to reconstruct any famous historical event. Such illustration oriented activities ensure that even boring subject such as history would become exhilarating and thrilling in the classroom. Teachers can use storyboards as a form of communication and let students present a story using their imagination in the form of pictures. This whole activity certainly reduces the huge amount of boredom in the classroom.

2. Use Multimedia and Role-Playing Games 

Sometimes teaching with conventional tools becomes a boring activity not only for the students but for teachers as well. To change the atmosphere in the classroom and bring the buzz, teachers should try to integrate audio-visual tools in their sessions and supplement textbooks with, filmstrips, graphic material, and models. The use of infographics or other mind mapping tools will also help to remove the boredom in the classroom. All these tools will not only build up their ability to learn but also make studying a fun thing. The use of multimedia tools will certainly help students to learn without getting bored in the classroom.

Also, teaching through role-playing games is a great approach to keep students excited in the classroom. These role-playing games help students to step out of their boring zone and invite them to the zone of excitement. This method really works well, especially when teachers want to get students out from a very dull and uninteresting session of studying. Moreover, this approach to role-playing will practically involve the students and keep them on their toes. When the learning becomes dull and boring in the classroom, the game of role-playing definitely makes learning fun and exciting. If teachers include role-playing games in their armory of teaching, they will certainly be able to throw the boredom out of the classroom.

3. Give Students Options to Choose Their Own Learning Style

In the view of mike and professional essay writer, one important trick that teachers should use is to offer students with the capability to make their own alternatives when it comes to learning. The choice is a strong motivator because it helps to discourage boredom among the students. Moreover, when teachers create choices and put forward in front of the students, it certainly creates a sense of stimulation and excitement in the classroom. In brief, by providing students with the opportunity to select what or how they are going to learn, you are cultivating the interest and attention of the students. In your next class, try to make some choices available to the students such as which topic to start from or test should be of multiple choices or not etc. These choices will certainly help students to bring the zeal and enthusiasm in the classroom since they are getting to learn according to their own preferences.

4. Give Real-World Examples and Include Some Mystery into Lessons

Also, in order to remove boredom in the classroom, relate the lesson material to the lives of the students. Simply, try and make a real-world association with what students are learning. Moreover, the students will start to imagine themselves and become eager if they were present in that particular situation. For example, if you are teaching students about saving money, then explain like this “if you save money today, it would be really helpful to fulfill all your needs tomorrow”. A real-world relation and example every now and then will certainly remove all boredom in the classroom.

In addition, learning becomes most fun when you don’t know what to suppose or expect. In everyday life, we all love to get surprises all the time and learning can also be interesting too when you make it a mystery. In the next class, try giving students a new clue about the lesson each day up until the very last day of the lesson. This is an amusing way to make your lesson mysterious, and you may just discover that your students are in fact looking forward to searching out what they will be learning about. This trick is definitely going to remove boredom in the class.

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