5 Things Java Programmers Should Learn in 2019

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Want to start the year very well? If you want to be a better Java Dev, you should look at the given sequence in this post, from which everything from Performance Tuning to Spring Security 5.0 is better described.

First of all, I will advise you to go ahead with the new year’s good wishes and take a new resolution. And I would say that you set some new goals.
I am a software developer as well as a skilled blogger. I have a good knowledge of Java development. I get requests from all over the world about how a Java developer can improve himself or how he constantly strives to keep up with new developments in his developing skills.

I have done a lot to become a better developer and will continue to do it. I am going to share some tips from all the experiences I have in my Java development career. I have decided that today I will tell you all the tips that I applied to my career as a Java developer so that a Java developer has increased its knowledge and future career as well as its values.

So, without wasting time, we go ahead to the thoughts of those 5 susceptible Java developers, which I will tell you today.

5. Know about Java Performance Tuning

In a few years, I’ve had many interviews with many senior Java developers and a skill given by May’s first priority is JVM Internal, Java Display Tuning and GC Knowledge and understanding about behavior.

To become a senior Java developer, you first learned JVM architecture as your Java developer experience grows, you become a senior Java developer and go forward and in 4 to 5 years you become a senior Java developer.

If you can not figure out why the speed of an application is low or how to improve its speed and performance, then you should read a good book, which is explained in detail about JVM internals and performance tuning. And if you do not know any book, then you can read Scott Oaks’s book,

4. Everyday practice at least 2 hours=>

As your Java developer experience grows, your timing style also changes, and answers your email all day and resolves solvents of others.
If you think that you are not able to do enough coding, then my opinion is that you should be coding for at least 2 hours a day.

You can also solve the questions given in interviews. This will also improve your coding. There are chances of improvement in coding skills as it continues to find related queries from Java on the Net.

3. Participate in Coding Quiz

Sometimes it happens that you do not have the opportunity to do enough coding in your live project. So the question arises that what is to be done in such a way, or how to improve your coding, I believe that the topcode website is the best for you to embrace online challenges on the internet.

2. Spring Security 5.0

Spring Security 5.0 is one of the most interesting releases to date and its oAuth 2.0 model is the most interesting and important part In which several hundred bugs were fixed. The problem currently, many resources are not available to teach Sprint Security 5.0 but thankfully, Eugene has updated its Learning Spring Security to cover version 5.0 and separates a model from Oauth 2.0 and There is a new addition.

Unit Testing

If you want to become a better Java developer in 2018, you should pay attention not only to your unit testing skills but also to automated testing normally. You can learn JUnit 5 and other advanced unit testing libraries such as monkeys, powermakers, cucumbers, and robots to further improve your unit testing. And it would be better for you that you learned Junit and Mokito crash courses from uddami, this allows you to write a unit exam for complex classes.


My advice to you is that if you have two years or less experience then you can set your goal of this list. I have purposely kept it simple and easy. Because small successes give great success, if you have just started your Java developer career, then you should set a small goal as it is often done that when we set a much larger goal than necessary, then fail It will keep you in the beginning of choosing a small goal.
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