5 Ultimate Google Play Store Alternatives

Are you 1 of Google Play Store User?

Google Play Store is commonly and widely used application of the global era and no doubt the users of the platform is increasing day by day. Google Play Store is one of the best services of Google.com and it is pre-installed on all Android smartphones including all mobile brand. Google Play Store has access to all categories Android Apps and Games including premium. The free content you can download free and to get premium content you have to pay some penny from your pocket. Without paying penny no one can get premium apps and games for free.

On the other hand, developers have a solution to these issues and on the market, alternatives are available for free. I am going to share 5 Ultimate Google Play Store Alternatives, which truly increasing your information and make your life ease.

5 Ultimate Google Play Store Alternatives:

  1. BlackMart
  2. 1Mobile Market
  3. APKFolder
  4. GetAPK Market
  5. ACMarket

1: BlackMart:

Blackmart is the most used alternative for Google playstore. Having a large number of free android applications and games it’s also called the king of android market. If you are an android user who is eager to get the latest paid applications for free, Blackmart is the best app for you. Being a user-friendly application it includes a number of games and apps in various categories allowing the user to experience a highly customized store.

2: 1Mobile Market:

The mobile market is another beautiful creation with a range of games and applications. Latest applications are added into the store regularly allowing some applications to download in paid version also. Google playstore also has a version of the 1Mobile market with include limited access sections which redirect the user to get the application from Google pay.

3: APKFolder

APK Folder-apkfolder.net is 3rd party Android store which includes apps and games from multiple categories. An honest and handful review is available with respected real and verified APK file. Here, no need to register an account. also, check techguide4u. The content is updated on a daily base and all of functional and needy APK files of the latest apps and games for Android you can find here easily.

4:GetAPK Market:

This is another mostly used way to get paid applications for free. But the only thing is, you should know how to use it. It’s a coded application which is not many users friendly as most of the android users are unaware of the coding method. 


ACMarket is one of the common applications among android users worldwide. Even though most of the people use Google playstore, it does not work with cracked or patched applications like ACMarket apk does.

Note: Any alternative store APK file is not standing on Google Play Store. So, if you are going to use APK file on Android Os then switch “Unknown Source” setting to face no errors.

Hope the 5 Ultimate Google Play Store Alternatives review will help you in selecting best online APK for download apps and games. If you liked our review then share on social media sites.

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