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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Accelerating Mobile App Technology

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Mobile applications with Artificial Intelligence have become inseparable from the people and a vital part of their lives. Mobile technology is becoming advanced and new technical methods are being introduced. Artificial Intelligence is a widely used technology all over the world that has changed the way applications work. AI is enhancing and the quality and performance of mobile applications and plays a major role in the design and development of mobile app features. The user experience with AI integrated mobile applications has improved and through its learning capabilities beneficiated the world.  

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly and is about to become the next big technology world has ever come across. Let’s have a look on how Artificial Intelligence is accelerating mobile app technology in 2020. 

1.      Maximize Search Abilities

Using Artificial Intelligence in search engines helps optimize search results for mobile users. It makes the searching process easy and effective with its word and search suggestions and spelling corrections. Consider you want to search a product but don’t know its correct spelling, visual search in AI helps you find what you need even when you don’t have what it is called. Voice recognition has also been introduced in the search engines so that users can search by just speaking instead of typing each and every word. Its image and voice recognition has enhanced the richness of search results. 

2.      Real-Time Translations

People from around the world face language barriers in communicating with others. The translation applications use Artificial Intelligence to translate hundreds of languages in real-time. Though these translation machines use strong internet connection their offline mode is also available that works just like an automated interpreter. AI also contains translation tools that enable words to be translated into the desired language in real-time helping the user understand the words and sentences. Translation applications with Artificial Intelligence have made it easy for users to travel all over the world without the hassle to learn different languages. 

3.      Enables Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps is used to understand human behavioral patterns. The personalized recommendation is based on the user’s history and interest topics. These combine together in a recommendation list that is then used for personalization of user experience. Consider an e-commerce website user has purchased some products in history and is always shown related products to him that increase his interest in buying those products. Netflix recommends the best series to users based on their past views or most likely ones. Using Artificial Intelligence in personalization develops the interest of users in mobile applications and they tend to spend more time on the applications with a personalized recommendation.

4.      Facial Unlock

Facial Unlock was launched by Apple in September 2017 to unlock their smartphones and protect their devices. Face unlocking features and functionality are based on the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Using this feature in any smartphone, the user can set his face as the unlocking pattern preventing any other person from using it. With the algorithms of AI, the face recognition has evolved and can even unlock with facial changes like beard or specs. Google has made it easier and secure to unlock smartphones using this fantastic feature. Google has recently announced its radar-free and hands-free gestures so that AI app development services could experience faster unlocking features.

5.      Mobile App Authentication

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that has become easily available for everyone and has been accessed by hackers and criminals also. According to cyber security experts and officials, it is predicted that there are higher chances of cyberattacks in the future. In order to prevent these cyber-attacks, strong cyber defense systems and technology are needed. Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to secure each and every app on the smartphone. Using its deep learning algorithm, mobile cannot be accessed by any other person as it is secured by biometrics and face unlocks. All the apps are made alerts using AI so that if any unauthorized access is encountered, you get immediately notified. 


Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest innovations the world has ever witnessed. It’s algorithms deep learning, machine learning, decision tree, the neural system has given many benefits when integrated into mobile apps. AI enhances search abilities and optimizes the search process. The language barrier among people from around the world has been removed using translation applications with Artificial Intelligence. It has improved user experience with its personalized recommendation using the user’s history. For additional security, the face unlock feature has been launched to prevent unauthorized access on the phone. Moreover, deep learning algorithms of AI keeps user’s accounts safe and secure from cyber-attacks. 

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