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5 Ways College Expectations Can Be Kept in Check

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College is a different phase of life than school or high-school. It’s a phase of life where one is bombarded with new experiences and emotions. New friendships are forged and broken. Studies and parties both get harder. Unfortunately, students who are in the transition from high school to college have been continuously given false expectations of college.

Yes, it will be difficult, but it will also be the most enjoyable years of life. This is where students will learn to hustle and manage time. Time in college can also be made easier by taking help from any of the best essay writing services UK. With all that out of the way, let’s take a look at five ways, college expectations can be kept in check so that new students don’t get intimidated by the mayhem of college life.

It May Not be Great Initially

Going to college means a drastic change in life. You must give away the room you grew up in at your parents’ house, and start living in a new dorm room for the duration of college life. Even if one thoroughly prepares by visiting the college earlier, there are bound to be massive changes. These changes may make one feel lost. This is perfectly normal; no one likes sudden change.

There Will Be Real Life Worries

College is often perceived as a carefree place, with regular partying and goofy shenanigans with friends. This is absolutely not the case. College life is a time when students are starting to think about their future and getting sober in life, both professionally as well as personally. The college will present many avenues to worry about: relationships, friendships, finances, jobs, and academics. All genuine life matters to worry about.

Making Friends Might Not Be Easy

There are students from all types of backgrounds in college. It’s not a given that everyone will gel in perfectly. Everyone has a different personality. Don’t go to college expecting to be friends with a large group of people immediately upon arriving. Just give it time and let things happen at their own pace.


Yes, homesickness will be a real thing. No matter how much fun students have in college, they are always sure to miss the environment they grew up in.

It Might Get Overwhelming

If high-school was difficult, then college is a whole different ballgame. The academic requirements, the college has, are much more than high-school. There are assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, exams, etc. all contributing to the final grade. On top of that, working part-time jobs is more often than not required to earn money for other responsibilities in life.

Classes will change every semester, friendships will be formed and broken, and there will be love and heartbreak. All of this combined can lead to students feeling overwhelmed. The good thing is that this is an excellent preparation for life after college. Being overwhelmed isn’t a bad thing; it only teaches students to manage their lives better.