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7 Must-Visit Attractions in Spain

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Spain is a melting pot for all the tourist-related activities. The sheer splendor of the caliph’s palace, the sun-drenched beaches. The enigmatic commotion of the pilgrims and the elegant cuisine of the country are some of the things that make Spain a common fascination for everyone. The country depicts the tumultuous history of the Islamic Caliphate as Muslims had ruled the city for hundreds of years.

However, like any other country, Spain also has a number of places about which you must need to know in order to furnish your traveling dreams leisurely. In this article, we are going to outline the places which you can visit when you reach Spain after getting PIA online tickets. Let’s get started.

1.      The Magnificent Mosque of Cordoba

The Mosque of Cordoba was once the principal mosque for the western Islamic world. It is currently known as Mezquita and is one of the largest mosques in the world. Despite the multiple renovations the mosque had undergone, it is still an emblem of the glorious past of Islam. Allama Iqbal, the scholar of international repute, even wrote a poem in the appreciation of the mosque when he went to Spain. Various international organizations have also ranked the mosque as one of the two most splendid examples of Islamic architecture in Western Europe.

2.      San Sebastian

If you are a foodie, then this elegant city on the Basque Country coast is ideal for you. The most revered dish here is Tapas that includes the scrumptious morsels balanced of the crusty bread. A number of bars here even display this gastronomic calling on their stalls in order to allure the new visitors. Concha Beach is also a captivating site where you can go with your family. Similarly, the Zurriola beach can also be visited to get some serenity.

3.      Madrid 

Aside from being the largest city by population, Madrid is also the capital of Spain and is among the world’s largest metropolitans. The economic experts term the city as a hub for international business, owning to the presence of robust global industries. Here, not only will you hear the sweet melodies of guitars and pianos, but you will also witness the famous paintings and the marvelous architectures. The latest fashion and design trends of the city will leave you spellbound for good. You should book the flights in advance if you want cheap airline ticket rates.

4.      Extremadura

This charismatic valley is famous for its cherry trees. When it comes to tourism, this place is undoubtedly one of the most exciting frontiers. Spending your afternoon in Merida and then touring the carefully preserved Roman amphitheater is a must for everyone. It is also the place where the various scenes of the famous TV series “Game of Thrones” were shot. Extremadura also hosts a number of prestigious restaurants where you can satiate your hunger with the traditional Spanish cuisine.

5.      Valencia

Valencia is a perfect place to experience the paella, perhaps the most famous dish in the country. Just head to a restaurant near the beachside and relish the tasty rice dish with the potent local cocktail. While exploring gorgeous Valencia’s old town, never forget to endure the incredibility of the futuristic complex Valencia City of Arts and Sciences. Amazingly, the complex also hosts a cinema, an aquarium, and an opera house, thereby giving you an all-in-one enjoyment. Last but not least, dining at one of the open-air restaurants of Valencia is sure you to put an everlasting impression on your tongue.

6.      Costa del Sol Beaches

The beaches of Costa del Sol are considered to be the sunniest places in Europe, where the sun-starved Europeans come to ward off the cold chills. The beaches here are not the only attraction for tourists as they can also visit the equally alluring Malaga city. The yachting lovers head to the marina of Puerto Banus, whereas the passionate golfers love the charms of Nueva Andalucía. By walking a few steps from the beach, you can also witness the whitewashed remains of Moorish Castillo.

7.      Santiago de Compostela

It is an ancient city on the northwestern side of Spain. Santiago de Compostela is best acclaimed for the traditional pilgrimage where people from all over the country gather each year. It is actually a religious rite performed to get the blessings for their loved ones. While going there, you can also involve yourself in nature and the nearby scenic views. You should visit the place on the holy days to experience the censer swings. Undoubtedly, the stunning views of this site will compel you to come here again and again.

Final Thought

Just visit the places unveiled in this article and you would be able to confidently say that you have visited the primary locations of Spain. If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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