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7 Things to Make Your House More Comfortable

Last updated on August 1, 2019

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When you get home after a tiring day at work, all you need is a place that is comfortable enough to take out all the tiredness and stress away. Similarly, whenever you invite a guest over, they should feel invited and comfortable in your house.

Home is that one place where a person is at peace and where the air is pure and clean from the toxicity of the outside. The environment around you feels safe, warm and happy. Isn’t that the true meaning of a home?

Here are some of the things you can do to make your house feel more like a home:

1. Invest in Your Front Door or Entryway

Setting an inviting tone in your entryway and front door has a more powerful effect than you can imagine. I suggest getting those cute ‘Welcome Home’ signs or doormats, or you can put a big leafy plant right at the entrance of your house. If you live alone, this will give you a more inviting vibe and your guests will also feel welcome.

2. Hang Art and Photo Frames

Hanging art and frames around the house can give it a very aesthetic look. Besides, there is a lot of research done that just by looking at art, you can reduce your stress and boost your mood. Hence, surrounding yourself with a few paintings and art pieces will not only help your home look nice but also help keep you happy.

Along with hanging art and paintings, you should also put up photos of yourself, your family or your friends. You can put up photos of your special childhood memories or decorate a wall with the postcards you have got from your family and friends. This will not only give you a feeling of home but also keep you close to your family and friends.

3. Use Colorful Items and Other Design Tricks

Entering a house with colorful items in every corner will catch anyone’s attention. Now, this does not mean that you have to make your house look like colorful cotton candy. There are subtle things you can do as well.

For instance, you can paint the wall across the entryway a bold maroon or purple and hang some lighting or colorful art on it. This will directly catch the attention of anyone who walks in.

Having other small and interesting art pieces and antique showpieces can give something to the guest to keep their interest intact and they would want to stay for a while more.

4. Use Essential Oil Diffusers

Essentials oils are highly concentrated extracts from leaves, flowers and other parts of plants. They are made of natural sources and have many benefits if you use them around the house. Diffusers are products or devices that are used for dispersing essential oils so that their aroma can fill up a room.

There are many ways to disperse essential oils into a surrounding, so there are many types of diffusers you can find in the market including reed diffuser, ceramic diffuser, candle diffuser, electric diffuser, ultrasonic diffuser and nebulizer diffuser.

These essential oil diffusers are mostly used in spas and massage places to give you a relaxed feel. They are very therapeutic and have proven to relieve stress and shift your mood. They come in various sizes and have numerous fragrances to choose from. You can put them in your bedroom, office, living room, and even in the bathroom.

These essential oil diffusers have more benefits than you can count. From purifying the air around you to calming your anxiety and promoting a deep and peaceful sleep, using them in the house will create a relaxing environment for you and will leave a good impression on any guest you invite over.

5. Change Your Sitting Arrangement

Keep your furniture arrangement in such a way that it does not require moving something out of the way to get to a specific place. Moving around the house should be easy and comfortable, and it should be devoid of obstacles. We all get so tired and lazy after work that the mere idea of removing a chair from the way to get to the dining table just seems so exhausting. Guests especially do not feel comfortable in a place where they do not know how to walk around.

6. Make Your Surroundings Softer

Fill your surroundings with cozy and soft furniture and blankets. Get a super-soft couch and some furry throw blankets and spread them around. Get little cushions and cover them with fuzzy pillow covers to keep them warm and inviting. You can also use some soft rugs on the floor. There are many bedding accessories you can buy that will give you extra comfort. Using a soft blanket to snuggle in not only releases your stress but also makes you feel more at home.

7. Adopt a Pet

If you like dogs, cats or any other kind of pet and do not mind taking care of them, adopting a pet, especially if you live alone, will make your house feel more like a home than any other method. There are many ways you keep the house clean even if you have a pet, so you should not worry about clutter. Having a little creature in the house will keep you busy and take your mind off all the stress in your life. It will boost your mood.


While everything mentioned above can certainly make your house feel more comfortable, one thing you need to make sure is to keep your house clean. Even if you have a decent house, cleanliness alone will make it look nicer and more comfortable. There are many other things you can do to make your house feel more comfortable like changing your bedding more often, adding more plants, adding a bunch of lights to create an aesthetically pleasing environment, and much more. Do whatever feels the most interesting to you.

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