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8 Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Friend

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Do you want to do something special for the couple and go off the registry for the gift? You might want to be more sentimental and meaningful by making or buying a gift with a message, instead of an appliance or something expensive that someone else will be getting anyway. Here are some great personalized ideas for gifts the couple can cherish forever.

Custom Map

Did the couple get engaged or married at some amazing site like the Eiffel Tower or the picturesque Alps? Buy a framed map of the city for them to hang in their new home. It’s a sweet way to preserve the memory of how they began their journey together.

Photographs or Paintings

If you’re the artistic type, or a skilled photographer, buy frames for paintings or artistic photos of the couple. Blow up the best photos so they can adorn the walls of the house. It will show your creativity in addition to being a thoughtful and heartwarming gift.

Wedding Dresses:

This option is always there if you are confused and can’t decide which type of gifts you should buy. If you are buying the gifts for bride then you may buy wedding gowns or Simple wedding dresses. For the groom blazer and suits is the best option.


Wedding and anniversary presents usually include sets of wine glasses and other drinking paraphernalia, but why not buy the couple some wine to christen their use? There are plenty of options on the internet for specialized gift boxes just for this purpose.

Monogrammed Robes and Towels

Most people will, if at all, buy “his and hers” robes and towels, but you can add a little extra something by having special items monogrammed just for the lovely couple. Towels and bathrobes will never go to waste, so you don’t have to worry about getting something they already own. Have them done in favourite colors if you can.


Again, most people will think to buy cookware, cutlery, and crockery as gifts for the couple, but you can always buy a set of cookbooks. No matter how skilled a chef either of the couple might be, it helps to have these handy for those occasions where they have to entertain guests or host family events.

Spa Day for Couples

Treat the couple by sponsoring a day of pampering they can enjoy together. This is an especially great wedding  gift for couples who will be together soon. They’d welcome the change of pace and environment. Additionally, if they have kids, offer to do the babysitting for them while they’re off at the spa.

Something Living

No, not a puppy – unless this has been approved by both members of the couple. Gift the couple a plant that they can take care of together. A nice houseplant is great way to make any new home come alive, and it will give a newlywed couple a taste of what lies ahead.

There aren’t many ways you can go wrong with a gift for a wedding or anniversary. The more sentimental and thoughtful the gift, the more it will be appreciated. Consider some of these ideas and choose one that’s affordable and most suitable for the occasion and for the couple.

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