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9 of The Best Gift Wrapping ideas you’ve never heard of her

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One of the best ways to express a gesture of love, affection, honor, and gratitude is by giving a present to the family, friends, colleagues, or any other beloved person. They need to be presented inside proper gift wrap boxes to make them look elegant and classy. These types of containers are also responsible for ensuring the safety and durability of the items packed inside. They are available in almost all shapes and sizes and are chosen according to the measurements of the presents. It is always desired to wrap the giveaway in such a way that the creativity and artistic approach of the donor is exhibited. Specific ideas can be thought and implemented in this regard to give presents in the best possible ways.


It does not matter whether you are buying the encasements of presents in small quantities or as gift wrap boxes wholesale, they are always a comparatively expensive option than the self-made or homemade containers. The beautiful wrapping of the giveaways can be done efficiently by using newspapers in an innovational way. They are cut down according to the required size. Then the bottom portion is glued to fix the papers. A colorful cord or ribbon is attached at the upper part to make them look classy as well as easy to carry.

Comic pages:

The comic pages of magazines can also be utilized for the wrapping of the presents. These pages are incredibly fancy and colorful in the display as they contain different pictures to grab the attention of the readers. These pages are separated from the magazine and transformed into a proper container by trimming them into the right size and attaching ribbons and applying glitters to enhance their aesthetic effects. Sometimes, gift boxes wholesale is required for different occasions like annual functions, school gatherings, result ceremonies, etc. This significant demand can also be met by using this idea as it is easy to implement as well as cheap in cost.

Dish towels:

Another novel idea in regards to the packaging of the presents is to use dish towels as gift boxes. They can mainly be used for giving kitchen utensils as a giveaway. These towels are wrapped around the item, and then the upper end is tied with the help of kitchen twine or jute to hold everything together and give a beautiful appearance. They can also be decorated by applying watercolors to make various designs and increase the importance of the item packed inside. In this way, two gifts are given to the recipient because the covering itself can be used in kitchens.

Reusable shopping bags:

A large variety of shopping bags in different colors and designs are available in the market these days. These colorful bags can be used as gift wrap boxes. The present is wrapped inside the bag and is folded once or twice. A twine might be tied to them to make sure that the bag is not opened up. These bags are environment-friendly in nature as they are prepared from biodegradable material and can bring a positive change in the environment.


Gifts are received and given on almost all the important occasions of life. Hence, their containers are also required in huge numbers and are available as gift wrap boxes wholesale to meet this demand. But they can also be manufactured in an unorthodox and innovational way quickly at home by using materials that are no longer in use. For example, a large number of scarves are usually available at homes. Some of them are not in use and remain in the cupboard for months. They can be utilized as coverings of the presents to the dear ones. The gift is placed inside the scarf, and its upper end is tied to give the shape of a knot. No additional material like ribbons, twines, etc. are required to secure the packaging.

Old maps:

With the advancement of the world in almost all the fields of life, the covering of the presents has also changed to a great deal. In the early days, gift boxes wholesale was ordered by the retailers for the packaging of a large number of giveaways. But now, the consumers are inclined to prepare their wrapping, which is not only cheap but is also creative in the display. This is done by the usage of old maps, which are available in homes for decoration. This exclusive design proves to be an excellent idea for the preparation of gift boxes and uniquely show feelings.

Bread pans:

Bread pans are available in the kitchens for the baking of bread. They can be used as gift wrap boxes by placing the item inside, covering it with the help of an aluminum foil and then decorated with the help of mini cards.

Bubble wraps:

Most of the sensitive items are packed inside cardboard boxes after covering them with bubble wraps. These wraps are, therefore, available in large amounts and are easily accessible. They can be utilized for the packaging of a large number of presents as they are incredibly cheap. It saves the cost of a gift which is considerably much expensive. The boxes wholesale is provided by several firms and organizations to meet the demand of a large number of presents. But, the bubble wraps are easily accessible at homes. The item is presented in a safe as well as a unique way using these wraps.

Cereal boxes:

Cereal boxes can also be used as gift boxes because of their colorful display. They are torn into the proper size and then fixed with the help of glue to give the shape of a suitable container. This is one of the easiest and distinctive styles of presenting the giveaways.

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