About Us


Our Approach

Our approach is to guide the people in the right way. Whenever we talk about careers, it first comes to mind that what to do next.
I am trying to guide you through the guidance of the guide. we are a highly experienced team of career guider.


Our Story

When our studying was ahead, we did not have the right path or we don’t have any career guider. 10 years ago there was no net connection by which we can understand the various fields of education. but some of the people who were senior to us they were teched us how to make a good career and what will be required for that but they were said an only path and only an overflow of study. no any detailed about the study or about after study revenue or about a job by that’s a full study. But now we are here for all those students which will collect full information about career and they can make the career in the right way because of clinkcareer’s has only the aim which is to motivate each and every student this to have not any career-related information about those paths.

Meet the Team

Meet my best team with world’s biggest knowledgable guiders. some of them are Highly experienced and caught many different achievements. Now, let me introduce my honorable member of my team one by one.


Jeetendra Gautam

Founder & CEO          



About Jeetendra Gautam.

My name is Jitendra Gautam I have been working freelancing content writing for last 2 years. Along with this, I am also a skilled web developer. I have been experiencing more than 1 year of web development. I did not even have a knowledge of programming language when I was completing my graduation as it was the electrical and electronics branch I used to be engineering from. But my whole interest was more towards web design and development. Just like I did my Engineering after that a friend of mine told me that there are many software companies that teach a free course of web design and development. So I immediately consulted with that company and did a complete 2 months of web design and development course. After that, I worked on many live projects and took the experience. Then a few days later, an idea came to my mind that I should do something like that which will benefit others and they learn something from me. And I thought of creating a website like clinkcareer. And today I write inspiring 

            Bah Sirra

Vice President

About Bah sirra.

Bah sirra is Vice President clinkcareer. Before join Clinkcareer he was a student of the biological department and make her good career in this field.  After joining Clinkcareer she proved that she is worlds greatest article writer. after a successful article writer, she took the seat of vice president of Clinkcareer. I hope she will always give her best in clink career.


Aruna Alok Nanda


 Ideal of Clinkcareer


About Aruna Alok Nanda.

She is a very honorable and respectful person in this company. after a successful professor of communication skills, she started her own institute where she trained people for getting them a job and give them right career suggestions for the making career in various fields in the world.

Next Steps…
If you still have any query about my team please feel free to contact us at [email protected]/[email protected]

Still, have any queries get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

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