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All you need to know about the laundry cabinets

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Laundry rooms are often the most underrated rooms in the house, but believe us, your house will never function properly without a proper laundry room.

Every house needs a laundry room and every home may have a differently styled laundry room as there is no defined style of a laundry room, what is defined is the importance of having a laundry. It is a very essential place for house maids and housewives to carry out daily chores with comfort and convenience.

This place is usually hidden from  the guests and outsiders, so one can have it designed completely as per their requirements. It is usually a small place where you can place some furniture such as racks and laundry cabinets to complement the space and assist anyone working there.

What equipment goes in the laundry?

The most important equipment which goes in the laundry room is the washing machine, that is a no brainer. What you have to choose is whether to have a top loader or front loader in the loader.

Your choice should depend more on the size and style of the room rather than your preference of any type. If you have a compact space for laundry than front loaders are a more efficient choice as they can be easily stacked in compact spaces and they also are more energy efficient as their spin cycle provide better assistance with the drying of the clothes.

Top loaders have a short spin cycle compared to front loaders and they vibrate less but they would require more space. You would be required to make a decision with the space you have as you would need a dryer too. So make sure how much space you have.

Organize your laundry

It is important that your laundry is organized according to the size of the room. Not much interior designing and styling goes in the laundry as the room needs to be simpler to aid with the spacing and placement of the equipment and furniture.

Lets discuss what you need to organize your laundry room


Laundry cabinets are very handy furniture in providing organization as quality of laundry cabinets allow better usage of space available and create consistency in laundry related chores. You can put important washing material such as cloths and detergents there and any other material you feel is necessary. They provide great place to store small laundry equipment which usually takes up a lot of space.

Drying bar

If you have space to give, you can always afford to hang up and dry the clothes fresh out of the dryer. Not only that, it also gives you hanging place for pressed clothes.

Racks, hooks and shelves

They provide a great boost to the already compact space in the laundry room. Adding racks and shelves on the sides and on the walls gives you additional space to place washed and folded clothes. Secondly, having hooks installed on the walls also give you additional place to hang clothes to dry off or you can hang towels there.

Ironing board

This is only if you have space to adjust it in the given space. However, it provides good support as you can quickly press and iron the clothes right there in the laundry.

What else?

It is better to situate your laundry room next to a bathroom as it provides space for ventilation, in case there are no windows, it also provides extra space as you can place some furniture such as cabinets and shelves in the bathroom.

Make sure to add a bit of warmth and soothing feel by adding right choice of colour and remember to add less decoration and designing to provide a feel of space rather than compactness.  

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