Animated Explainer Videos and reasons to use them in business

Animated Explainer Videos

Video is the most efficient way to get attention of people and get your message conveyed, Animated Explainer videos have the power to attract public attention, as they constantly transmit a customized message in an attractive and entertaining way. These videos are not only common and in demand, but they are also a quite profitable and influential sales and marketing tool for all sort of organizations.

Are you wondering whether you should use corporate or promotional animated video to make your business known on your website or social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn? Expert animators and designers strongly recommend Animation and explainer videos. Why? It’s simple! Animation conveys a message more efficiently than a regular video as an animation keeps a viewer attracted.

Looking for a technique to communicate, convey a specific message and convince your viewers in a dominant but effortless method? Well, animation videos and explanatory videos might be your solution.

Including an animated video or an explanatory video to your marketing strategy is like hiring a salesperson online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a script and a perfect speech, for a modest budget.

Graphic and animation elements are used everywhere today

Animated Explainer Videos

They are needed to:

  • Inform the viewer
  • Emphasize attention
  • Visualize specific processes
  • Simplify the perception of information
  • Add gamification elements, etc.

Graphic elements are also used in traditional videos to visualize statistical data, main points and informational accents. So, captions familiar to everyone are also created using graphics.

Animation videos maximize the use of corporate identity elements. With the help of animation, it is much easier to clearly explain the mechanics of various kinds of applications, software, and various services.

Reasons to use them in business

  • Animated video captures attention.
  • It makes the viewers happy.
  • It promotes memorization.
  • It can easily become viral.
  • It costs less than traditional video.

What makes a good animated video?

  • The message: it must be short and hard-hitting!
  • The quality of the sound: it must be impeccable!
  • The colors: they must be vibrant and attractive!
  • The characters: they must be nice and endearing!
  • The music: it must be nice!
  • The call to action: it must be clear!
Animated Explainer Videos

Want an animated video that will set you apart from your competitors on social media? Contact an agency or a company, the will advise you and can create you something beyond your expectations.

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