Bathtub Refinishing Is One Stop Solution To Fix All An Old Bathtub

Bathtub Refinishing Is One Stop Solution To Fix All An Old Bathtub

The cleaning of bathtub has become a major problem for people who are extremely busy. They do not have enough time to surf for massive cleaning. Additionally, extra cold weather conditions of Canada make people sluggish to do such kind of domestic chores. Sometimes, you may fall a heavy object on floor that breaks your tiles or bathtub. You can even get bored of old color scheme. Hence, you can replace an old bathtub or floor tiles with a new one. But always keep your budget in your mind. You can buy a new bathtub or floor tiles but it is too expensive. A new bathtub costs more than 1000 dollars. Moreover, you buy steel pipes, taps or stands. To fix all these things you also hire a plumber or contactor that puts an extra burden on your shoulder. The relining of bathtub using acrylic liner is also costly.It is suggested that you should replace the worn out parts of floor tiles or bathtubs. The resurfacing of floor tiles or bathtub is time efficient as well as cost effective. is one of the trusted and authentic bathroom renovation companies that offer excellent services in affordable rates.

Bathtub refinishing is completely safe and harmless:

The installation of new bathtub causes mess due to cement and fillers. It also disturbs the surrounding accessoriesof bathroom as well. The bathtub refinishing and resurfacing in Toronto is provided by professional team members that know every minute detail of resurfacing.Before doing resurfacing of bathtub or floor tiles, all taps, stands or other cabinets are covered properly to protect them from any damage. When you hire experienced team members, all work is done in a specified area that does not affect the environment of your home. In short, you can get exceptional benefits that truly match your lifestyle and budget.

Bathtub Refinishing

Brief description of bathtub refinishing process:

The bathtub refinishing is either done by professional experts or even you can do it on your own which is more cost effective. The standard process of bathtub refinishing and resurfacing in Toronto is performed as described below:

  • The technicians are trained well to clean the area and remove all caulking before starting bathtub refinishing. All the cabinets are covered and drain fittings, fixtures and other essential hardware are protected to minimize the risk of mess or damage.
  • The original finish of bathtub is roughen throughetching with acid. This step is done to increase the adherence rate of coating material.
  • The debris are removed, all chips, cracks and damage parts are filled by using high quality fillers. Then sand smoothing is done for quick application of primer.
  • After that, a sprayer is used for application of 3 coats of primer. It is left to dry and additional 4 layers of primer is coated. When it is completely dried, the coating is buffed.
  • After final buffing your bathtub is ready to use that gives a brand new look to your bathroom.
  • However, setting a ventilation fan is very necessary to let out fumes or gases formed during spraying.

Floor tiles refinishing gives an aesthetic look to your home:

Tiles’ refinishing is a viable option to give a trendy look that enhances the décor of your home. Getting new tiles is always discouraged by expert technicians when you have refinishing facilities. Sometimes water drainage from showers or sink leave stubborn water spots on floor tiles. Likewise, cracks and damaged areas accumulate disease causing microbes that are a source of deadly disorders. Due to all these reasons, the natural glaze of floor tiles fades with passage of time. The surface becomes rough and hard to clean dirt and grease. Similarly, floor tiles refinishing in Torontois also getting famous day by day due to its benefits. It makes your tiles easy to clean and gives a new look to your floor. Usually hard acrylic coating is preferred by technicians because it lasts long and less expensive. You have a wide range of colors and designs to choose according to your taste. Even you can go for customized floor tiles refinishing process also. The two step refinishing process cleans all detergents, oil spills and spots and seals all cracks, grouts or damage areas. A strong bonding agent is used for quick adherence of coating material on floor tiles. The professional team members of a trustworthy company like are concerned to use high quality material free of hazardous chemicals during refinishing process. The reglazing of floor tiles restores natural shine of tiles. Hence, you can save thousands of dollars by refinishing as compared with buying new floor tiles. Moreover, floor tiles refinishing in Toronto guarantees you not to worry about your tiles for next 5 years. It transforms the entire look of floor.

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