Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Internet Radio Station

Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Internet Radio Station

If you’re thinking of starting a new Internet Radio Station business and don’t know how to get started, you’re in the right place.

Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires determination, research, knowledge, investment and the right set of equipment.

Before jumping into the actual content, first, understand what an internet radio station. Having a solid foundation in the broadcasting business, we have a great guide for you.

What is an Internet Radio Station?

An internet radio station is an audio streaming service that plays over the internet. There are many names to this topic like radio stream, web radio, online radio listening link and so on. All of these have one thing in common; they all stream on the internet.

You can use any electronic device that connects with the internet to listen to this. Just like a classical radio station, there are proper studios that are working under the hood.

Types of Internet Radio Stations


This type of internet radio station broadcasts the content over FM or DAB+ radio waves. Meaning the broadcasting material is in the air, just visit the channel and you can listen to broadcasting. It is also called stream online.

Thematic Radio Station

This type of radio station uses only the internet for broadcasting. You can listen to this on the vendor’s official website, directories, and mobile applications.

Traditional Radio Station

This type of radio station is very common in the world. Many traditional stations have changed their equipment according to the internet requirement.

Mostly FM and RNT radio waves are used in this type of station.

How Does an Internet Radio Station Work?

The traditional and internet radio station works in the same way. In fact, the process of the internet radio station is remarkably simple. Everything is manageable via programming and software. There is much software available for Live broadcasting.

This software helps you to stream your content on the internet whenever you want. Just manage your microphone, launch the software and you are ready to live broadcast.

How to get started?

Simple software will manage all the workload for you. Some basic things that are compulsory for the process are a computer, microphone, and a broadcaster (if relevant). Below we have mentioned 3 simple techniques for internet broadcasting.


A radio automatic system works as the Radio host sends signals from their computer, the radio king manages the signals and transmit it to the server. The server than transmit the signal to the rest of the world.

Live Broadcasting

In the first phase, the radio station sends signals directly to the FM band. In the second phase, the radio signal sends signals to the radio king server which that transmits it to the rest of the world.

Live and Automatic

In this type of setup, the radio cost can send a signal to either the radio king manager or the live broadcasting software. Then the signal is transmitted to the radio king server and to the rest of the world.

In all of these systems, there are two things in common, radio king manager and server. You have to buy these services to open your broadcasting business.

A radio server costs between $20 to $120 per month. The second investment is to register your business for copyright. Finally, the last investment relies on what items you want to buy for your business. The internet radio station is a free media place, where you can share and express your experience. If you are really dedicated to this work, now is the time to act.

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