7 best motivational podcasts For Bloggers in 2020

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The best motivational podcasts- blogging is a way of communicating your thoughts to your target readers in a readable format. Similarly, podcasting is a channel to speak up or speak about a subject that your target audience can listen to. Here in this post we will discuss on all 7 best podcasts for bloggers

Some individuals consider reading as a slow process and therefore videos (watching) and now podcasts (listening) are taking over. If the trend is changing then bloggers like you and I should adapt to these changes too.

Yes, if you are a blogger who has a great audience and you are looking to cater them with some new channel then launching your podcast can be a great way of doing it. 

But I know it’s a new form and you haven’t tried out yet. Therefore it’s always better to learn and then implement. There are some amazing podcasters and podcasts show that you can look up to and feel inspired.

It will not only give you a fair idea of how you should do it (such as delivering your talk correctly or topics to choose or getting a personality while speaking) but also give you the energy to get started.

Top 7 best motivational podcasts For Bloggers

Here is a list of 7 amazing podcasts for bloggers that I listen to and I hope you will follow some of them to get great insights on how to start a blog and feel inspired:

1.   ProBlogger Podcast

problogger podcast

With around 270 episodes, Darren Rowse is an inspiration for hundreds of bloggers. He runs a weekly podcast, which is a true gem because you can learn all about running ads and placing them, how to start a blog and sell your merchandise, promote your blog, develop content, etc. If you can follow the strategies and tactics he discusses you can make a solid foundation for your business or blog.

2.   Blogging Your Passion Podcast

blogging your passion podcast

Jonathan Milligan runs the popular “Blogging Your Passion Podcast” He is determined to help around 1,000 bloggers to achieve their goal of either starting a blog or making it successful. With his direction and guidance, you can surely find yourself successful in the next 5 years. He usually talks about different tips and tricks on how to make money, SEO, traffic generation, etc. You can listen to his new episodes 4 times a month. Also check- Best SEO Tips on 5 Best SEO Tips

3. The Entrepreneur Show by Mariah Coz and Megan Minns

Two brilliant podcasters Mariah Coz and Megan Minns run the Femtrepreneur Show. Mariah Coz has mastered online platforms in a span of 8 years with the help of different courses and programs. Today, she runs a 7-figure business. Megan Minns is all about technology as she is a pro in running software, apps, and programs. She talks about how these technologies can be used to run a blog successfully.

In this show, both podcasters use case studies and explain the practical aspect of how blogging works. You can listen to the episodes talking about how to make a course, build links, get passive income, choose a topic, find a niche and best tools to use for blogging. You can also listen to interviews with other business owners and can learn about their strategies. This will help you get started on blogging.

4. How They Blog Podcast

best blogging podcasts

Kat Lee is behind this successful show “How They Blog Podcast” Her blogging podcast usually has other successful bloggers as guests who discuss different tricks and strategies that can be used to make a blogging platform successful. Usually, this podcast is about guidance and how to overcome the mental blocks so that you can produce content regularly.

This is the best motivational podcasts very special because it talks about the challenges that bloggers often face. The guests at the show have already traveled the blogging road and put in hard work. Therefore, they can advise on every step. Explore their show and find episodes that are dedicated to very specific topics on blogging. Most of your blogging questions can find answers after listening to their show. If you are a beginner looking for a head start or already running a blog and need to boost your platform then this is the show you must look for. Also check our latest article- Google Ads expert on How to become a Google Ads expert

5. The Blog Millionaire

the blog billionaire podcast

If your goal is to expand your blog to an audience of millions then you will have to hook yourself to the famous podcast “The Blog Millionaire.” Brandon Gallie on his show discusses his strategies and techniques that he used to drive his millions of customers.

You can get close to the pro blogging stage where techniques for monetizing blogs and driving traffic are discussed. Be it SEO, SEM, engagement, WordPress, etc., you can master them all and use them to boost your blog. If you are a beginner or someone looking to expand, listen to this podcast and execute the strategies discussed there.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy

top podcasts for bloggers

If you are clueless about SEO, social media or lead generation and how it can help you build an online empire, then Amy Porterfield’s podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy will help you seek answers. If you subscribe you can avail resources like cheat sheets, eBooks or blueprints that come with actionable suggestions and strategies. Also check our Latest Article- Engagement On Social Media Important on Why Is Engagement On Social Media Important?

7.   AskPat– Last one but The best podcasts for bloggers

best blogging podcasts

Pat Flynn runs this 5-days/week podcast from Monday to Friday. If you have questions on business or blogging that needs quick answers then Ask Pat is the podcast you should be following. You can send a recorded question on his website and if it gets selected, he shall record it in his 8 to 12 minutes show. You also get to win a free t-shirt.


If you are looking to earn high figures then these best motivational podcasts for bloggers are a great place to start. By listening to these popular blogging podcasts you will firstly be aware of the recent trends in blogging. Secondly, you can find great topic ideas to cover in your podcast once you start. Lastly, there will be one more medium to reach out to a wider audience. So go ahead and start with one of these podcasts that sounds more relatable and inspires you the most.

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