Best ways to get backlinks and rank your website ( updated 2019)

In this post, I will show you how to get quality backlinks

Backlinks are most important for ranking and nowadays many people search about how to rank on google first page. As you know that if you have more traffic on your website then everything will be good and fine, also your earning increases.

Have you ever thought that how search engines will find your website?

➜Only Backlinks will help you to get on the first page of google and out of millions of website your website will rank.
➜Crawling of the website is the way by which a search engine will find your website.

Here are some ways by which you get some backlinks –


If you give something to someone then absolutely in return you will get something, So commenting on famous blog posts will always return you do-follow links and also by commenting on famous blog posts will help you to increase you visitor because people will directly come to your website by the link which you provided in the comment section.

2. Guest Blogging – 

Guest blogging is basically when you post a blog on any other site as a guest. It will give you benefits because if you guest post on a website which is popular and having so much traffic then the visitors will directly come to your website by your link.

3. Fix the broken links –

Broken links are basically the simply the website containing links if you provide any link to your website or blog post and when one of your visitors click on that link and then land on the empty space or an error occurred, it is broken the link.

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Some most important factors – 

➤ The search engine will not understand simple language, so always remember to create a backlink, which is readable by a search engine.

➤ Choose AMP blogger template because it is SEO friendly and easy to understand by visitors and also it is fit in every type of screen like a tablet, mobile, desktop.

Here you can download TOP AMP BLOGGER TEMPLATE 
➤ Loading speed is also the main factor because if the load speed of the
Web page is playing a very important role in ranking in SEO.


High authority websites are basically good for SEO. Because a high authority website has a no end of traffic. Suppose you got a backlink from any website which is having high authority then 30-40% of visitors of that website directly come to your website and if your website is having a great look with meaningful content then surely they are your regular visitors.


Always active on questions answers website like Quora. Quora is the biggest website where many people active at a time so it is the best platform where you can generate SEO signal for your blog. But always active only on your niche, except your niche don’t answer the question which you don’t know about. Always provide a meaning full answer so that people will follow you and share your answer with everyone.

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