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Bid Goodbye To The Hot And Humid Climate, Install AC And Enjoy The Comfort Of Life

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Living without an air conditioner in the present era feels like having a life without oxygen. With the continuous increase in temperature being caused due to global warming, the scorching heat is becoming unbearable. After a busy schedule when the body has to struggle in the weather, one can’t imagine having a worse life than this. Thanks to science and technology that we have an option to switch on to a relaxing mood just with one click all thanks to the air conditioner often abbreviated as AC.

Air conditioner installation has made our life easy and comfortable be it at any place from your car to your bedroom. This system has changed the way of living life. When you are straight out from a shower all set to leave your home, you get all set and get inside your car switch on the AC and continue to maintain the freshness. Imagine if there has been no AC and waiting long hours inside your car what energy would you have been left with to work for the entire day. All the stamina of yours would get washed away with all that sweat in your body.

Science has understood men need and keeps on providing solutions accordingly. The significant storey buildings to the underground office’s everything is functioning well just because it has got an air conditioner installed in it.


There must have been a time when you must be wondering that how that small machine can cool such large spaces. So, the mechanism behind the working of AC is similar to much of the other coolant provider technologies like a refrigerator with slight variations in them. AC uses certain chemicals which converts gas into liquid and vice versa that helps to take away the heat from the air.

Coming to the machine structure it involves three major parts the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator, were the first two are visible from the outside evaporator is placed inside the machine.

The role of the compressor which is generally installed outside the house is to compress the gaseous refrigerant whereas the condenser receives the vaporized refrigerant from the compressor, converts it back to a liquid and expels the heat outside. Last but not the least the evaporator has a heat exchanger coil which collects heat from inside a room through a refrigerant gas and the liquid refrigerant after absorbing heat evaporated in the form of gas.

Types of AC:

New design and up gradation of technology is happening every day but coming to sir conditioner, there are four common types which one chooses from while installing it.

·         Window AC – The most straightforward and cost-effective air conditioner, often referred to as a room air conditioner. This AC is a box-like structure installed in the windows or wall. This AC provides various options like controlling the temperature the direction of airflow etc. which is controlled by the use of remote or touch panel.

·         Split AC – The elegant and silent working AC is the one which is being demanded the most in the present time. Split AC not only adds beauty to space but also saves energy consumption. The installation process of Split AC is more natural comparatively.

·         Ductless mini-split AC – This AC is mainly used in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Ductless mini-splits are small in size and flexibility for zoning or heating. The easier to install AC is also less vulnerable.  

·         Central AC – Central air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners. On top of that, they are quiet and convenient to control or operate. It’s a medium to save energy and money. It is an energy-efficient air conditioner and reduces your central air conditioner’s energy use. This air conditioner has the consistency of maintaining temperature throughout the house.

AC Installation Process

Air conditioner today is designed according to the needs and space it wants to cover. For example, a large office floor with many people working on it won’t have the same AC as your 10 by 10 bedroom. So, before installing an air conditioner, there are a lot of factors one needs to work upon to check that the AC installation cost turns out to be wrathful and more than that fulfill your needs.

The AC installation goes on to various steps. It begins with choosing the AC according to the size of the room, which means a large ton AC for big rooms and vice versa. Selecting the right place of installation of both indoor and outdoor units is the second most crucial thing one needs to consider while installing AC.

The distance between the indoor and outdoor unit is also an important factor along with the height of the AC placement, and the AC installer can suggest both.

So, make sure that the AC installation charges paid are beneficial and don’t turn out to be a headache of replacements instead of providing comfort.

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