7 Latest SEO techniques to improve your online retail business

7 Latest SEO techniques to improve your online retail business

Survival of every business is directly proportional to the sales and in today’s scenario, digital marketing is important to increase that sale. If you want to get the sales or increase your presence in the market, then it’s critical to have a solid and latest SEO techniques in place. Above all, if it’s about online retail business, the firm can’t compete in the market without good SEO techniques. The fact is everyone knows that SEO plays a vital role in online businesses, but not many can explain exactly why and how. Let’s have an idea, how it works for retail business optimization.

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1. SEO works for retail Business.

SEO is basically used for optimizing the site to get maximum traffic and a good rank in search engines. It’s an ongoing process which keeps on changing and requires constant upgrading to remain updated. In the online retail business, it becomes more complicated because they contain lots of pages and constantly changing products which makes the update more extensive and vital.

You may be offering lots of item on sale with its own specific, dedicated page for every product but still, there are chances customer will not land up on the page because instead maybe they are searching that particular product by type, size, color, price range, etc. So, don’t forget to optimize for these searches, along with photos.

Now, understand why it is important to be on the front page of Google and which the latest SEO techniques you should follow to improve your online retail business.

2. Internal linking is important

For a high performing online retail store, designing a successful internal linking plan in place is a necessity while making the website. It’s a process of creating links to connect one page with another in the same domain. Internal linking keeps everything organized and helps customer to effortlessly navigate on your website while allowing Google to crawl on your pages more easily. And when you make it easy for Google to index the site, you will surely get rewarded.

3. Use Relevant Keyword & content

Positive and successful SEO campaigns begin with keyword research and moving a step ahead now opting for long-tail keywords. Because the user doesn’t type simple, “clothes” or “housewares” etc, rather they type, “party dresses”, “cream for oily skin”, “night dresses for kids” etc.

Most retail searches are specific, make your product descriptions specific and use relevant long-tail keywords in your product copy, URLs, and other searchable content, also mention the colors, sizes, fabrics, and other information that your potential customers can relate with any particular product.

You can also use easily available keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest and Keyword Tool to assist you in finding out relevant keywords and phrases people search online to find the products you are selling. Along with keywords, make sure to use relevant and unique content.

4. Online sites should be Mobile Friendly.

Your website should be mobile friendly because most of the online retail shopping is done through smartphones. Customer doesn’t wait to open a desktop or laptop to order something.

The easy availability of mobiles along with the internet has completely revolutionized the online business. You can’t survive in the competitive market if your website is not mobile-friendly, even Google prefers the site with a good mobile-friendly website over others.

Out of all-important search queries done through mobile, Google displays mobile-friendly blog post results on the top, finest example that google prefers mobile-friendly websites over others. That’s why it is a mandate to make your website mobile-friendly and get the maximum traffic.

5. Optimize Images

Images are the essence for any online retail business, people buy what looks appealing in images. Make sure to keep the image clear, pixel proper so that it doesn’t affect your speed otherwise customer will close the site which will increase drop out rate affecting your Google ranking.

Another thing to remember is, keyword not only belongs to text, but they should also be mentioned in photo descriptions as well. You can include them in the file name and alt text of every image.

It will help your images rank in image searches for appropriate keywords while improving your rankings, as it makes easier for search engines to find out what is shown in your images.

6. Enhance Page Speed

If your page take more time to load, the user will leave. As per the research, lots of customer abandon site, if it takes more than three seconds to load which means potential sales or conversions are leaving your website even before seeing the available content.

It’s a big loss, stop losing a customer by optimizing your website’s page speed. You can check out, Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights to find out your website’s page speed performance is up to the mark or not.

7. Optimize social media

Social media marketing for a retail store is an important SEO technique that helps in boosting the site’s rankings. If you go by the trend, you will realize statistics of social media usage over the last decade has changed drastically and a number of users keeps increasing every year. It means, your retail online business should have a social media presence.

It will promote brand awareness and the customer will get to know about offers, discounts, sales, etc, the basics that can easily draw a customer towards your online retail site. Additionally, if your posts are tempting and able to engage lots of users, your ranking will automatically increase.

Conclusion: All updated and latest SEO techniques in 2020

Ambitious retail stores that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors have to look for alternative solutions that provide their customers with a reason to visit your online store. And they buy products. You should also focus on constant improvements in the online store. It is one of the standard survival tactics to improve the performance of your online retail business.

Creating an eye-catching content or publishing engaging content all comes later, they are like icing on the cake. So, focus on base first, and follow important SEO techniques to improve your online retail business before working on toppings.

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