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Cuban Link Chains – Next Men’s Accessory Trend For 2020

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Chains have been in trend since ages, and a massive number of styles have been introduced to date. Cuban link chains have been the best when it comes to buying men’s gold chains. Yes, they are very much similar to the rest of the types, but their interlocking style makes them look more appealing. Also, their finish, strength, and thickness have been a popular element. They are known to stretch more extended, which delivers a unique look. Generally, you will find handmade or Italian versions of the same, and when the pendant is added, it just completes the look. Many of the renowned celebrities also love them because of their distinct characteristics and designs. You can find them in Gold, Silver, or Platinum.

As this trend never goes out of style, you can even use it for gifting purposes. No doubt, the wide variety can confuse a bit. So here is a quick guide to help you choose the best piece for your handsome man! 

Metal type and content

Generally, silver and gold chains have their measuring standards. They can be determined with their “Carat” bar. So check whether it is having 10K, 14K, or 18K quality. The more the value of “K,” the more expensive the link chain will be. According to the Carat content, the 10K chain commonly has 50% of gold in it. Whereas the 18K has 70% of the gold content in it. So definitely, it is going to be expensive, but it is worth the investment. 

Know the type 

Commonly, you can find several varieties of mens’ Cuban link chains like Standard, Rope, Curb, and Miami, etc. Few of them are more round, thicker on both edges, while being bold enough. Besides, others have thinner margins and come in a lighter version. Also, check the length and width that suits your neckline precisely. Further, consider the kind of link build that doesn’t twist easily. If you want to create a drifting look, then it is better to switch to an article like the Cuban link chain as it reflects different finishes. 

Inspect the clasp

It is another feature that needs to be considered for sure while purchasing any of the mens’ gold chain. The clasp is something that allows it to open or unopen with a spring-like pin. There are cheaper versions also available, but they are not that durable. Always invest in a men’s Cuban link chain that comes with a sturdy spring. If it will be a bit harder, then for sure it is going to be durable enough. The products that come with a lobster-shaped clasp are much more comfortable to wear, have longer edges, and are less prone to any kind of damage. 


Whenever you plan to pair it up with a pendant, make sure the selected article has ample thickness and durability to handle the weight of the pendant. Weigh the pendant and ensure the chain shouldn’t be that thin. In simple words, the structure of any men’s gold chain should be strong enough to carry the weight of the pendant. 

Check for the snag factor 

Before making any final choice, you should ensure that its pattern doesn’t interfere with the clothing. Now why it is essential because if you don’t test it, you will end up seeing it catching threads of the upper. And that nagging problem is going to annoy for sure. The finalized mens’ Cuban link chain should have a polished surface. 

In the end, you should always look for the ones that come with the most exceptional quality. You can even try brands like Marcozo. Their jewelry options for men’s gold chains are highly unique and come in an array of styles, metals, and designs. What makes them stand out from the crowd is that they offer a lifetime warranty on their products. 

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