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Different types and styles of taps |instant hot water|

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Finding the right taps for your bathroom and kitchen sinks in your homes and offices can prove to be a difficult task. You absolutely need to get your choices right depending upon the requirements and design.

Instant Hot Water

There are different types of taps and shower taps for different purposes. Of course you can fit same type of taps and showers in every bathroom, it is easy and time saving, but wouldn’t it be better if you can customize the taps according to the requirement of the style and design of the bathroom and kitchen it will surely catch your eye.

However, you must understand that different taps and showers are not just for styling and accommodate the style and designing of your bathroom interior. Every tap and shower serve a different purpose. Some are designed just for bathtubs, while some are made for providing instant hot water filtered and some are made just for bathroom sink.

That is why we have mentioned below some of the taps that might peak your interest

Wall mounted taps

They are a very practical choice for bathroom taps, they are a quite contemporary style which provides a lot of space as most of the plumbing is inside the wall, it allows cleaning with relative ease. But with the plumbing being inside the wall any damage can be quite difficult to repair.

Floor mounted taps

They are a recent invention for bathing, they are a very stylish design for bath tubs where most of the plumbing is exposed are protruding from the ground. If the fixtures can be moved and readdressed then it allows bath tubs to be placed anywhere in the washroom.

Mixer taps

Mixer taps are also a modern tap design and it is used on sinks where it mixes the cold and hot water before ejecting it, as it names mixer suggests. With this water type you can rest assured of normal water flow, which is neither freezing cold or scalding hot.

Pillar taps

These are a very common choice for bathrooms and kitchens in homes and offices. This tap has its own valve to allow you control over the water flow and can fit into the bathroom basin and bath and also in the kitchen sink where there are two tap holes one each for cold and hot.

Infrared basin taps

More modern bathroom basin taps, this has sensors installed where you place your hands in front of the sensor and starts to release water, the moment you remove your hands the water flow stops automatically. This is designed to help save water as it automatically stops the water flow when it is no longer used.

You will find them, usually in rest rooms and hotels, but they are also ideal for home use.

Special mention: HydroTap

This is a great water device which is suitable for motels, hotels, home bathrooms and kitchens. It is a water boiling and filtering device which provides instant hot water. With this device you can set the temperature of water. This device also sleeps as soon as the kitchen goes dark to save energy.


There are a number of taps available to choose from as mentioned above. Any tap you choose must fit your needs and also complement the design and style of the bathroom interior.

You can always take advice from experts to find the right match for your bathroom. There are different types of styles available to choose as there is a very detailed research for the styling of bathroom interior. In the end it is up to you what you decide to choose.