Discover the technologies of the future and the trends for 2020

Discover the technologies of the future and the trends for 2020

Knowing what the technologies of the future will be is essential for companies in different segments and markets. Based on these innovative ideas, it is possible to optimize processes and improve the user experience on the main platforms of your company. In addition, many of these technologies assist in better data processing and therefore the exchange of information faster and more efficiently.

In this post, you will stay on top of the technologies of the future and the main trends for 2020. Keep reading and learn about the technological innovations that will influence your business for years to come.

IoT and Edge Computing.

The first technology on the list allows for a great integration of different digital channels. The Internet of Things (IoT) works over wireless connections and it is from there that a user can interact with a company, whether through mobile devices or smart home appliances.

Already the Edge Computing improves the data processing of your business, mediating the exchange of information and sending data to the cloud. Both technologies are related and are indispensable for those who want to have more agility and a great performance in sending information in real-time.

Process Automation (RPA).

Process Automation (RPA) works from software settings and therefore is a great option to optimize various tasks of your business. In practice, it is possible to respond to an email instantly or even implement simultaneous bots on your business platforms.

This technological trend tends to expand and grow a lot in the next year, mainly taking into account the search of companies to evolve their processes and make their activities more dynamic and fast.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

The artificial intelligence is no longer a novelty in the world of technology and data processing. However, in 2020 it will be even more present in companies, optimizing stages and analyzing information.

Alongside AI, Machine Learning has been gaining prominence recently. Being increasingly improved, next year it will be possible to see significant changes with the algorithms and the machine’s ability to predict and deal with different situations. Your company must follow the evolution of these technologies to deliver more assertive and personalized results in the digital environment.

The 5G.

Among the different technologies for 2020, 5G is one of the most-awaited and commented. This new network will allow a faster and more powerful exchange of information, with a broader coverage that will optimize data transfers.

In addition, 5G promises to consume less energy than 4G, connecting much better with smart cities and the IoT.

Augmented reality and immersions.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that follows popularizing and gaining worship. It is now possible to find digital products focused on immersing users, but for the next year, this type of technology will also appear in other business processes.

One of the trends in the adoption of this technology in training programs that depend on experiences. In this context, AR can improve users’ experiential learning.

Digital Assistants.

 Digital assistants are already part of the daily lives of several people, whether it is time to seek information about the weather or restaurant directions. However, in the coming years, this technology will become even more popular.

The tendency is for assistants to evolve and become more efficient. Next to AI they will work with data from the cloud, delivering more personalized information and without requiring as much training. Certainly, this is a technology that will bring more agility to companies, given that it can collect data quickly, improving communication and user experiences.

Full Funnel for Ads

Inbound Marketing strategies have one more application in Social Media and Google Ads. The key is to segment the audience of your Ads according to the phase of the funnel they are in and design ads that encourage them to move on to the next phase. This can be a very effective way to communicate with your audience in the appropriate way for the moment they are in and provide each one with what is best for them.

The Video is Again a Trend in 2020

The low costs of video production and the acceptable quality that mobile recording provides have triggered this unthinkable trend just a few years ago. Fast and audiovisual content is key. It was born from the hand of the great maturity that mobile-first acquires for a large part of the companies in the market. Both web adaptations to the device, type of content and formats, will be focused on offering the best experience to consumers.

Another expert points out that the Digital Marketing trends in 2020 for video are: ” Immediacy, interaction, and personalization. The live video will continue to grow. Streaming is already a valid option available to anyone, which brings the immediacy of life, highly valued by the consumer. In addition, innovative formats such as Virtual or Augmented Reality increase the possibilities of interaction of the Brands with their potential clients, causing actions of great impact”

Do Not Forget The Mobile

Smartphones have changed the way we live technology. They have transformed forever what our interactions with digital businesses are like. This new reality has fragmented the client’s life cycle into thousands of connections that happen in real-time and from anywhere. «

We have to adapt to one of the great trends of Digital Marketing in 2020: We will have to think about overcoming the stages of discarding that involves consulting email from mobile terminals. The highlight is to improve readability, both from the design and the ability of the text to be read or fog index.


All of these technologies directly influence the way you run your business. From them it is possible to achieve great results with its customers and stakeholders, however, it is necessary to understand how each company can appropriate this and adapt to its processes. The intelligence linked to data processing is a real revolution in this scenario, so it is essential to always be aware and updated on new trends and innovations in the industry.

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