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Don’t Forget About Home Security while Going on Vacations

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You need to make sure that amidst all the excitement of your vacation, you do not ignore your home security. Tag along for some effective and simple tips.

Much excited about your upcoming vacation? Sure you will be. We all crave for some rejuvenating escapade because of the hectic lifestyles and endless commitments, which we have.

You are eagerly looking up details of different destinations with one of your Frontier bundle packagesor whichever ISP you have. And soon you will be on the plane and checking in a fancy hotel room. Just make sure you don’t end up thinking about things like, did you lock the doors? Or, did you leave the iron on! You don’t want to ruin your vacation fussing about these things.

The best approach would be to make a comprehensive list of the security concerns of your house. You don’t want to compromise your peace of mind while you have finally taken some time off.

Check out the following security tips. Take care of them and you will not come back to unpleasant surprises.

Lock the Windows and Doors

Doesn’t it sound pretty obvious? Sure it does! But according to an estimate, around 32 percent of burglars intrude through doors, which are left unlocked by the owners.

Make sure you lock the windows and doors both. Burglars are clever enough to enter through windows on the upper floors. Moreover, you don’t want to invite wind, rain, and animals through open windows.

Create an Illusion that Your Home is Not Empty

Use lights! Darkness is a trademark of vacant houses. Thieves can sneak into the house undetected. You need to nix this vulnerability and create an illusion that the house is not empty. Leaving a few lights on is a good idea. If you have motion detector lights, use them to illuminate the intruders. You can also invest in smart lighting to control them remotely.

Hold Your Newspapers and Mail

Newspaper piles yellowing in the driveway! Mailbox stuffed to the max! A couple of perfect giveaways that nobody is home. You can ask a family member or a friend to stop by to grab this stuff. But if you don’t have any, just ask your newspaper provider to hold the deliveries until you are back. Also, fill out the mail-hold application.

Leave Your Car in the Driveway

Some former burglars have confessed that the major deterrent in leaving out a potential target was a vehicle in the driveway. It’s a clear indication that someone is home. You can leave your own car or ask a neighbor to park theirs in your driveway.

Keep Your Yard Maintained

Some yards are low-care. But if you are going for a long vacation, chances are that the overgrown grass and vegetation will giveaway that it is not taken care of. You need to ask your landscaping professional or gardener to continue his services while you are away. If you don’t have one, hiring temporary help would be a great idea. If you live in a colder area, consider hiring snow removal services too.

Keep Your Travel Plans Low-Key

You don’t have to broadcast all your traveling plans online. You need to curb your social media addiction here. Do not post anything about your vacation. Those check-ins are really not necessary. Ask your kids not to do so too. Not everyone is your friend on social media. And if you have a public profile, that invites more danger. You shouldn’t risk advertising that your house is empty.

You can post all the photos and tag all the locations on each one of your social media profile once you are back.  

Get Your Home Monitoring and Security System Intact

If you have security cameras and home security system installed, place them in a way that they are obvious to the intruders. Especially cameras. Make them conspicuous to send out a warning that they are being watched.  Make sure these systems and devices are programmed correctly. If you have hired professional services for your house monitoring, inform them that you are going away.

Lock Up All Your Valuables

Do you know what tempts criminals the most? Easy-to-grab costly items! You need to keep all your valuable items secure and concealed. Invest in a good quality safe to lock all such things. Some criminals are even interested in stealing your identity. It would be a good approach to lock your social security cards and other important documents regarding your personal identification and finances.

 Leave a Duplicate House Key with a Family Member or a Friend

In addition to those newspapers and mails, you may have some other orders in place. Such as makeup, clothing items, and so on. Your forgotten Amazon and Sephora orders may be ruined on the front door. As a trusted friend, neighbor, or a family member to check such things every couple of days. Also, ask them to collect any random promotional flyers of Frontier Internet packages, TV plans, discounted electronics and so on. Make sure you pay them back when you are back!

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