Top 52 Free Guest Post Sites list 2020

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

The free guest blogging site can help you get traffic by posting your content on other guest bloggers’ websites. In this blog post we will learn all about free guest post with DA, PA and Alexa rank in this Free Guest Post Sites list 2020. Guest post service will be a free post.

  • Improve trust flow
  • Increase Domain Rating
  • Increase crawling frequency
  • Improve the ranking of keywords

Are you looking for a list of blogs that accept guest posts?

So you are in the right place, today you will get one. But wait, before I tell you something about guest blogging Guest posting is not only a way to get backlinks, but it helps to increase your brand awareness for new audiences. For beginners, who don’t know what guest blogging is? Here is the definition you should know before proceeding.

What is Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the traditional way of promoting your web blog or website. In this strategy, you can post your articles or blog posts to others’ blogs by getting permission to post them. In this way, both of you can get the benefit of posting two blogs simultaneously.

On other hand, guest blogging is a way to allow your users to post to your blog. This will be useful for your blog as well as for your visitors. This will boost your blog traffic and also increase the popularity of the author of that article, and he will also get traffic from your blog to his blog.

Guest blogging is best in every way for beginners who have just started promoting their blog.

But is it difficult to find blogs that accept guest posts?

I do not think so?

52 Free Guest Post Sites list 2020

Sr. No.Site Url.DAPAAlexa
Spam score
1.Tlists – Submit guest post44405021%
2.Smart Bloggerz – Write for them325015200%
3.Blogsolute – Write for them47519601%
4.Daily Blog Tips – Write for them57534561%
5.Daily Art Fixx – Write for them52609871%
6.W3J – Write for them373511200%
7.Logodesignerblog – Submit Guest posting353715435%
8.Onextrapixel – Write for them625222631%
9.Inspiration Feed – Write for them9559332150%
10.InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post414826485%
11.Skyje – Write for them474812351%
12.Techie Blogger – Write for them38519860%
13.Light Stalking – Write for them575416541%
14.Comptalks – Write for them904156981%
15.Inhabitat – Write for them88686261%
16.Wise Bread – Write for them716123561%
17.Postling –  Contact for Guest Post51515649%
18.Famous Bloggers 484256231%
19.KillerStartups – Write for them58562562%
20.Blogherald – contact for Guest posting61566351%
21.Search Engine People 615656321%
22.George Papatheodorou Blog 2025896512%
23.Myventurepad – Submit Guest Post484656486%
24.Social Media Today 785212471%
25.Dealer Marketing424256973%
26.Opportunities Planet35395640%
27.Online Marketing Cloud927564894%
28.Basic Blog Tips 464435643%
30.Sociable Blog 494456980%
33.Teno Blog293745870%
34.Edutopia 805156481%
35.Colossal 765944821%
36.The Bark654659655%
37.Men With Pens51519459%
38.Read Write863545693%
40.Gigaom – Write for them8667166516%
42.TechGenra – contact for Guest Posting2639456250%
43.Thedesignmag– Submit Guest blog303925632%
44.Crazy Leaf Design 49495481%
45.Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post454656483%
46.Making Different 474569870%
47.TechMaish – Write For Us4351569740%
48.Post planner654452144%
49.Allbloggingtips – Write For Us404856411%
50.Hellbound Bloggers 45468741%

In today’s Post, I will be going to share with you a list of the blogs that accept Guest Posts from different niches so you can easily go and write a guest post. You can also find more blog using the query, I have discussed above.

  • You can easily find blogs accepting guest posts by typing these search queries:
  • Your niche + “write for us”
  • Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • Your Niche + “Submit a Guest Post”
  • Search for Guest Post Opportunity

Some Question About Guest Posting

Que.1 How do guest post sites help boost rankings?

Answer:. In the case of ranking keywords, anchors are targeted with text that includes your website link so that whenever someone posts content on the website and the link on a particular keyword is mentioned by the website so that Google reads that content and that keyword Give preference to Google search results.

Que.2 Do free guest post sites work for local SEO?

Answer:. Of Course Yes, Local SEO is part of SEO where you want to rank your website and your website details in your local area. Local SEO covers your area of ​​services where you are available to provide services. You can publish your article on the free guest post site with your local search keywords and get results with local SEO.

Que.3 Are the links on free guest post sites permanent?

Answer:. Yes, most of the time those links remain permanent site owners to delete that site’s database. If you search free guest post sites list and submit your blog through any listening post, your post will permanent.

Que.4 Are there any reactive feedback on the free guest post site?

Answer: For Free guest post sites work like your article publishing sites. If the quality of your content is good, it will not go wrong with your website in the wrong way.

Que.5 Can we follow links on free guest post sites?

Answer: Yes, many websites such as wp-admin/free guest-post-sites provide dolphin backlinks to your content and some websites even provide without following websites.

Que.6 Are article submission sites and free guest post submission sites of equal quality?

answer:. Yes, you can say that the article submission site is similar to the guest post submission site. The only difference is that the article sites have random content for any type of niche whereas the guest post has a niche specifically for the post content .

We want this list to update their sites for guest posting. Please note that the list of guest posting sites is made up of our personal experience. These sites may change their guest posting criteria for content marketing in the future.

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