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Get to know Microsoft Stream

Imagine your company totally connected to the audiovisual world. Today we know the importance of certain tools in the cloud for the productivity of our workers, and the ease of interconnection between different assets becomes a priority of any organization. Therefore, Microsoft has thought of a business solution that improves internal communication between the organization and workers in order to find an element that facilitates training, marketing, etc. in a dynamic, attractive and tremendously practical way.

What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream is a service that focuses on the introduction of audiovisual content in corporate communities and business groups trying to facilitate the distribution of content and the exchange of information among members of the organization.

Audio transcription

The first feature that the tool has is the ease of search through items, text or keywords in the speech thanks to the audio transcription. This is ideal if we think about its use for training courses and technical videoconferences. As in all Office 365 tools, the main focus is productivity and I don’t want to imagine how fast it will be to find a specific technical content in long videos of more than 1 hour.

Facial detection

Microsoft Stream has a powerful facial detection system that identifies the people who participate in the video, so that the platform offers us the possibility to find videos where certain speakers interact. This feature facilitates the organization and categorization of videos in an automated manner, as well as helps us find specific information in the videos and differences in the interventions of each of the participants.

Ease of integration

Also noteworthy is the ease of integration with other Office 365 services such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Yammer Enterprise … After all, it is part of an integrated solution, and therefore the ease of interaction between different tools or platforms will be obtained in the same ecosystem.

The power of diffusion is much greater than with the use of other external tools and in some way, the business ecosystem would function as a puzzle where each of the different services ends up completing it.

User experience

The user has different visual interfaces. First of all you can access a user view in which you can find categorized, classified and recommended videos. On the other hand, there is the possibility of uploading the videos through the creation of

A channel or a group, to finally be able to share it with specific users, groups, or the entire company.

You can also perform the content search and interact indicating the videos you like or through comments.

How to acquire it

Like all Microsoft Office 365 services, the user is licensed and flexibility is one of the great advantages for customers, since in addition to being included in Enterprise plans, it is also available as an individual component in two different modes:

· Microsoft Stream Plan 1 (Included in Office 365 E1, E3 and E5)

· Microsoft Stream Plan 2 (Included in Office 365 E5)

Users of any Enterprise plan (K1, E1, E3 and E5) will have access to the platform and can play videos, but only users licensed with Microsoft Stream Plan 1, E1, E3 and E5 in addition to playing can also upload new videos.

Users with Microsoft Stream Plan 2 and Office 365 E5 licenses will have the advanced features of automated audio transcription, facial video detection, and the ability to find at what time video participants appear.

Microsoft Stream has a base storage capacity of 500 GB, which increases by 0.5 GB for each licensed user. For example, if in our tenant we have 1000 users with an E1 license, we will have 1000 GB of total storage.

Just as Office 365 K1 users cannot upload videos, they also do not affect the increase in storage capacity. If you want more information, here is a link where you can expand it:

Microsoft Azure Services – To learn more about this solution please contact us for a free demo.

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