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Gifts for your boyfriend did not even know he wanted

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Long distance relationship seriously needs more attention and dedication. The reason is that both of you are not able to meet each other in person. And that somehow makes both of you feel low at times. But, you can actually fight that by surprising each other with some unusual gifts. Therefore, this time you thought of picking some uncommon gifts for your boyfriend. Actually, you want to startle him with the gifts that he has never thought of receiving that from you. Hence, we will give you a countdown of some listed gifts that you can purchase from the online sites.

A personalized hand touch lamp:

A lamp is itself an artistic décor honestly, so you thought of sending a personalized lamp to your boyfriend. This lamp is designed in a pagoda style and the best part is that you can spread the light by a simple touch. Now the exhilarating part of the gift is that you can add the color of the light after considering the color your boyfriend prefers the most. For example, if he loves blue color then you can personalize it by incorporating the blue hue. In fact, the professional online gift stores even permit you to mix and match as well.

Love messenger:

As your boyfriend is in a distant place so you keep on searching for ways to keep in touch with him. And the best thing that you thought of doing is to send him a weird gift and that is why you selected a love messenger. This is a kind of box with a heart shape look outside. Now any time you thought to send a love message to your boyfriend, the box vibrates and opens up and he can simply read the message on the screen settled inside. Now a reply in the form of digitally designed heart is reverted on the screen of the sender. This gift idea is no doubt an unusual yet heart touching. No doubt your boyfriend will get the true feeling that you love him so much irrespective of the miles between you two.

Record player printed tie:

Last week you got the news that your boyfriend has got a new job. Therefore you thought to congratulate him on his new journey in a unique way. So you picked a beautiful tie, but the design of the tie is a bit different. Although the necktie displays a classy look, it is purely designed from recycled bottles and the addition of the record player design on that gives a creative spin. One most important thing to note about the tie is that the record player designs are made from vinyl which somewhat gives a trendy impact. Coming to the color you have chosen it in deep marron with the black color record player embossed on it. This is again your boyfriend will just love for sure.

Work out the bottle with phone storage:

Your boyfriend is a work out freak so due to his workout schedule at times he misses your calls too. Therefore you thought of gifting him work out the bottle with an innovative concept where he can keep the cards, mobile phone. On top of that, the bottom portion consists of a section where he can port his headphone as well. Thus now no more struggling with phone and headphone during work out as he can attend the call and walk on the treadmill at the same time. Talking about the longevity of the bottle, it is made from the best materials.  And is completely free of BPA and is nontoxic in nature. In addition to that, you don’t have to suffer from leaking problem as well.

Thus, these are some of the gifts that you can buy for your boyfriend, which he seriously did not expect, from you.