The Difference Between Google AdWords and SEO

Google AdWords and SEO


Google AdWords and SEO are two of the main parts of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and they are some of the most common tools which are used by many digital marketing service providers in digital marketing campaigns. They have their strengths and weaknesses and are used by business owners and digital marketing services providers around the world. Today we will have a finer look at both of them.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords also is known as pay-per-click is a kind of advertising which allows companies to promote their website in search results when a user searches for a specific keyword. Just as the name suggests, advertisers pay every time their advertisement is clicked by a user.

AdWords is the way to go if someone wants instant sales and conversions. It is a very quick way to create and push ads to live in a few hours. Since you set the cost of your ad per click, you also determine the position that your ad will sit in.

5 Benefits of Google AdWords

  • They help in bringing traffic on an immediate basis from visitors and potential customers.
  • It is a cost-effective way for companies of all types as one can decide the amount they will pay when their ad is clicked and the payment has to be made only when the ad is clicked.
  • One always has the avenue of editing the existing ad and the changes can be viewed on Google within minutes.
  • Ads can be offered in a variety of formats like videos, images, text and also mobile.
  • They are a very good way of targeting users who may be searching for the kind of products and services that you deal with.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is all about getting better rankings on major search engine result pages, including and especially Google. One way of achieving a better ranking is by ensuring that your website is search engine friendly. If and when a website is search engine friendly, it can be ‘read’ easily by search engines, which improves its rankings.

For business owners who want to build brand visibility and trust over the long term, SEO is the way to go. One can rank for select keywords through a variety of both on-site and off-site SEO.

5 Benefits of SEO

1. Through expertly executed campaigns over a long period of time, one can get very good rankings on search engines and the rankings stay for a long period of time.

2. In the long-term, SEO delivers a much higher ROI (return-on-investment) than most other advertising methods.

3.  Through SEO, one can improve their online presence, build online awareness and attract more qualified leads to their business.

4. Higher rankings courtesy SEO meaning more qualified leads which results in more sales and profits.

5. As opposed to Google AdWords, you don’t have to pay anything when your site is clicked.

The Difference Between Google AdWords and SEO

Now that we have established a fair idea of what Google AdWords and SEO are all about, we will proceed with their differentiation.

  • Google AdWords is for Google sites or sites which use Google AdSense while SEO is for all search engines.
  • The major difference between the two is that traffic one gets from AdWords is paid while the organic traffic one gets from SEO is free.
  • AdWords get a lot of visibility on search engine result pages as they are either at the top of the page or at the right side, whereas with SEO your listings are dependent on how well you run your campaigns. SEO listings can appear on the first page and even on the last page, it all has to do with your rankings which are directly connected with how well or not, you run your SEO campaigns.
  • AdWords delivers results a lot more quickly than SEO. This is because you can begin advertising campaigns instantly while with SEO one needs to invest a lot of time to get better rankings, results, and traffic.
  • One can easily calculate the ROI with AdWords. Calculating the ROI of SEO is very difficult because there a lot of factors that play a role in SEO than just ad spending and revenue.
  • AdWords is more of a quick-fix solution because the traffic in AdWords stops once one stops pumping money in the campaigns. On the other hand, the results of SEO are long-term and continue long after one is done pumping money in SEO campaigns.
  • AdWords allows one the chance to target a lot of keywords at the same time depending they have the budget to pay for those keywords. On the other hand, it is considered a good strategy if the focus in SEO is on a few keywords as that is crucial for best results.

Should You Use Google AdWords and SEO at The Same Time?

Some digital marketing service provider opines that if you are getting traffic from SEO, there is no need to go for AdWords. This approach has an equal number of supporters and detractors and your approach should depend on the needs of the business and your visions for your business.

Even if you have good rankings, you can still make the use of AdWords to get more exposure for the same keywords. The budgets of AdWords campaigns can be increased if you are experiencing profitability in your present campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to go with Google AdWords or SEO, the decision solely rests with you. Both Google AdWords and SEO can help your business in a lot of different ways. SEO provides your business with the best chance of being found, even if the process takes quite some time to give results. On the other hand, with the help of Google AdWords, you reach your customers immediately, regardless of the size or scale of your operations.

You can also choose to use SEO and Google Ads together, as has been done by many companies, for bringing traffic to their site in the short-term along with enhancing the business’s presence for long-term success.

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