Great logo maker apps to build a brand with your smartphone

Having a real good logo for your business is very important because this design represents the face of your brand. The advantage with logo design is that you have a considerable number of options. The downside is that most of these options are expensive, especially if you’re just getting started.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways to create a logo, from the most expensive to the most affordable:

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Design Agencies: Agencies are a sure source of high-quality designs, but they come at a certain cost, usually beyond the reach of newer startups.

Freelance graphic designers: you can find a freelance graphic designer on the dedicated pages of 99designs. Results will vary depending on the skill level and experience of the graphic designer you choose. The prices will also vary depending on the designer, as well as the number of changes you request and other additional services. But the prices are usually around a few hundred dollars.

Graphic design competition: 99designs offers the possibility of choosing among several custom-made designs, within the framework of graphic design competitions. It costs between $ 269 and $ 1199 for a logo design, making it a very viable option for most entrepreneurs.

Online logo creation: Finally, you always have the option of going through online design platforms to create your logo yourself. The customization options are limited, which means the results aren’t always very original. But it is still possible to create something acceptable. Finally, this option is often very affordable, even for the smallest of budgets.

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If you’ve determined that you don’t currently have the hundreds of dollars (or more) to have a logo professionally made, specialist online platforms can help. And we’ll explain how.

What is a logo maker app?

Logo maker apps are software that let you create a design right on your phone or tablet. They are similar to online platforms, except that they do not run on a computer.

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Here is the process you can expect:

You choose a pictogram or a model among the proposals offered

You personalize your design with the colors, fonts and other elements of your choice

You download the result to your phone as a photo, and send it to yourself by email (sending and format options vary depending on the application in question)

What is the point of using an app rather than a desktop version? The larger screens of computers allow the logos to be edited until they are the size of our choice, which is definitely a big plus compared to the small screens of mobile devices.

However, logo apps also have advantages:

Mobility. First of all, you can use them at any time of the day or night. It might sound superfluous, but it’s a big plus when you think about the fact that entrepreneurs often have busy lives and sometimes wacky schedules. It’s much easier to spend 10 minutes here and there making a few changes to your logo from your phone, than finding a dedicated time slot to sit in front of your computer.

Simple and easy to use interface. Second, apps tend to have a better user interface than desktop versions. Because mobile device screens are significantly smaller, apps are generally simpler and more organized. Also, it is possible to use your fingers to adjust the size of the image, to rotate or to move elements. Which is more fun and more practical than a mouse?

Modern designs. Finally, the style and quality of the designs you get will be different depending on whether you are using an app or a desktop version. It varies a lot from app to app, but overall I find apps are more modern designs than online platforms.

Good choice for B2C business and temporary logos. Generally speaking, these logos are particularly suitable for B2C brands, as the designs tend to be fun and whimsical, unlike the more traditional options usually offered on the web. The apps also offer a lot of options for creating a temporary logo, for an event like a wedding for example, or a pop-up store.

If my arguments still haven’t convinced you, maybe a few pictures will. I tested a bunch of iPhone apps specializing in creating logos for my fictitious startup: Wander.

Wander is a mobile travel application. When you’re about to go on vacation to a new place and have a whole list of what you’d like to do, Wander helps you create a real itinerary. Drag out the activities of your choice and let Wander organize them so that you just have to think about having fun, not messing around with the logistics of your course.

I want my app logo to be fun, colorful, and to make you think of the holidays.

The best logo apps

So that you can work directly in the app that best suits your needs, we have classified all the apps that we have tried, according to the following criteria:

Ease of use: measures the ease of creating a logo, from “easy” to “difficult” (90% of apps are in the “easy” or “medium” category)

Personalization: measures the degree of personalization authorized for each application (for example colors, size, etc.), from “low” to “high”

Cost: measures the cost to download the application itself and / or to download the logo you just created, from “0” (completely free) to “€€€”

End result: measure how much I like the final logo, from one to four stars

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