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This is why you choose SEO marketing

It is really necessary to find the optimal platform, and companies must invest marketing funds in this platform. The following statistics explain why they are a fundamental part of search engine optimization marketing strategies. Over 93% of the company’s experience comes from search engines. 75% of users don’t scroll to the first page of search results. 70% of the links that users click on are natural links. 70-80% of users ignore paid advertising and focus on natural results. By this article- SEO service for website in India we will read all the factors and loop holes before considering any SEO services.

 For long term results in terms of improving natural ranking, increasing traffic and increasing sales choose to hire a guaranteed SEO company in India.

Search engine optimizes its marketing strategy

Our approach combines the understanding of online marketing with industry practices that have been updated for more than six years to deliver successful SEO service for website. The team of SEO specialists works on the principle of customer first and customer preempted in competition on line 79.

As a guaranteed SEO company, every business in India knows that it has its own goals and customer needs.  As a result, our team develops custom solutions that fit your business and your budget.  Since 2008, this method has served hundreds of customers in more than 20 countries.  First discussion on the website

 Keyword research and analysis

Optimization of external pages and page search engines

  •  Pay per click management
  •  Metadata optimization
  •  Creation of links
  •  Create a sitemap
  •  Home Content Consulting
  •  Edit internal text link
  •  Content creation
  •  Submit forum posts and resources

To implement Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools

 Status report:

For example

If you have a technology website such as e-commerce, e-commerce, Zen cart, Joomla, Word press, Opencart, Magento, hire us to improve the branding of your shopping portal and attract traffic. With the potential expertise and proven tools, professionals can maximize the visibility of their business on the Web and promote connected engagement behavior.

Why choose Cognus to provide SEO services for your website.

We are a group of creative intellectuals who always come up with innovative ideas for collecting quality traffic to your site.  Provides unparalleled ethical skills to increase your online presence and sales

Support and maintenance after successful website launch

Rest assured that you will get high quality results.  We take our brand seriously on behalf of our customers.  Concentrate and do everything you can to provide a high return on investment with honesty and enthusiasm.

Learn more about guaranteed SEO services for websites in India to improve search engine ranking.  In order to provide you with the best results, we offer a search engine optimization guarantee.

The SEO service guarantee is displayed on the first page.

It professional web and video SEO services.  We are working on a competitive ranking, which allows many guaranteed SEO rankings on the campaign home page!  It also ensures development by SEO software! We help you increase your requests and your sales through your website.

 Our experts can help you understand all of your SEO strategies and see the results within 4-6 weeks after the start of the plan!  Our experience and our work bear witness to this.

Trust an SEO company

Shouldn’t you trust an SEO company to guarantee SEO service for website?  If yes, continue.  The idea started with Google’s announcement that SEO service companies cannot guarantee a particular location for keywords.  This represents a special relationship with Google, which no SEO company has.  Unfortunately, the SEO industry uses it as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility.  Black Marlin Technologies believes that you can guarantee results every day.  Also, if you call a professional, I think you have to prove it.

What is Risk Factors?

The SEO India Guarantee service depends on the number of keywords, the optimization and ranking of your current site, the competitiveness of your keywords and the competitiveness of your market.  In addition, personalized SEO services are provided with a guaranteed quote to ensure the highest ranking, with the agreed keywords and necessary rankings.  Guaranteed SEO packages generally last 6 to 12 months.


There is a team of competent professionals who can successfully perform SEO activities as a company based in SEO services in India.  Our team of professionals includes experienced SEO auditors, analysts, SEO ad writers, website designers and dedicated account managers for website developers.  Indeed, the keyword strategy for online SEO services includes many other activities, such as generating links and creating content. With SEO Experts Company India, search engine optimizations begin to increase organic traffic, sales and leads.

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