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Hey clinker, welcome to the award-winning blog, clinkcareer! I’m Jeetendra Gautam, The career guider.

I started Clinkcareer as a passion, and now it’s empowering more than 100,000+ readers globally by helping to live a problem-free life via Guidance & valuable information.

Here at clinkcareer, I cover all the aspects of career information. You will find free content around your Course, Description, Scope, Salary Prospectus and making a career in your Educational Field.

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This is the thing about us. Now we will talk about students and related careers. A few days ago, I was traveling in a train where I found some students and their teachers. He was probably going to celebrate some picnic. As far as I think they were preparing for the board exams. Those students were talking to each other and I was listening to them. Those people seemed quite upset about their future. When they was talking to each other it seemed to be they all are belongs to differents streams or Subjects. I am very sad to hear from them Because I was unable to solve their problems. I was thinking that if I had some more time then I could talk to them and give them the right guideline But the train was reached
station And I had to land at my station.

After that day, I was thinking that I would give career guides to people but, can I give guidance to all the students of Differents fields at the same place?

I got a reply inside me yes I can do it, And I think of redesigning the home page of my website. Students should be given a solution at the same place in, regardless of the field. In this home page, I put all the information for all students (like engineering, commerce, medical, bio, arts etc.). You will find all the courses below.

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