How Can I Design a Custom Logo on My Own

Custom Logo Design

Everything in life whether a person, product or business needs some means of identification to get through every phase of life. When talking about identity, what comes to mind? Is it a name or the services or duties to that name? Everything around us leaves some trademark; an imprint to remind us of all those things represent, what they portray to others and what effect or impact it leaves on others or the maximum audience. A logo is just like a name. It highlights all that a business or company renders in services and quality or even a product’s value. A custom logo is the face of every business and all its properties. Let say you go shopping for groceries at a mall. You land up in the canned foods aisle and want a can of beans of the best quality. You usually go for the one you buy the most or whatever is most popular in terms of brand. But what happens when the brand you usually go for is out of stock and the road to the nearest supermarket is miles away from the one you are at now? Do you go home or do you opt for the next best thing? Most people’s second choice is the can of beans that have the best custom logo design, the one that appeals to them the most. With that being said a logo designed well, appeals to a large mass of people and should promise value and give them the sense of feeling that “Yes! This brand seems promising. It is well-designed therefore it must be of good quality”. Now that we’ve established what a logo represents, we move on to what options one has when considering designing a custom logo. For bigger business owners, the choice of a professional is what suits best. But for those who don’t have the budget to foot such a big bill of hiring a pro or maybe just looking to acquire the basic skill of logo designing, how should you go about designing a logo on your own.

Custom Logo Design
Affordable Custom Logo Design Services in California

Logo designing options

As mentioned above, even though there’s the option of hiring a paid professional to design a timeless logo for you, these pointers may strictly be for those looking to learn to design a logo on their own (DIY). Now there are quite a few ways to go about it but you must know that to design one, you need to be well informed about the elements each logo design incorporates.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Versatility
  3. Relevance
  4. Uniqueness
  5. Memorable

Before getting to the tedious part of learning to design your logo, you should always base each design on these five principles.


When going through the basics it is never too early to learn that a logo must be simple and classy. Simple designs are sometimes the best. Just take a look at the best logo designs ever created in history. For instance, the Coca Cola logo adorned in red and white using the Spencerian Scripts font or the font for Ford trucks using the Ford Script font in colors blue and white showing classiness. In most cases of timeless logos, less is more.


Each logo needs to be versatile, being able to adapt to almost all mediums of a canvas like a post-it or even a billboard. Its design should be such that it should be able to be rescaled and repositioned on all desired mediums.


When designing a logo, make sure each design and color, the pattern, almost anything a logo comprises off, should be relevant, suiting the description of the business and their services. It should have meaning and target a wider audience.


 Making an effective logo design also means making sure each piece is unique in its way. There are many cases where logo designs often clash in terms of design and color. So you should do as much research as you possibly can to be able to create a piece that stands out.


Just by adding a design towards the idea board doesn’t make it the right kind. Each logo design has to be well thought about. By choosing a design for a logo one has to make sure it is indeed memorable.

Finally, coming to the point of how to design a logo on your own

After that clear briefing of what basically makes a logo, it leaves full access to be able to create a logo in an innovative yet effective way. But when working on a logo for the first time on your own there are a number of ways to create it while following these simple steps.

  • Know what kind of logo you’re looking for
  • Research and compare to other logos of the same criteria
  • Know your competition
  • Draw out a sample
  • Use online websites that provide free access to logo designing
  • Use the paid or free version of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Look up tutorials
  • Experiment with fonts and style before settling on one

In Conclusion, every logo is a graphic mark that should stand out on its own, and have its own uniqueness. There are so many businesses in the world that are in dire need of a timeless logo to help their company survive in a national and international market. There are so many cases where each business owner has its own level or degree. Some may have a bigger platform while some not so big. But that should never get in the way of being able to achieve the best logo to support their business. With that said, in this day and age, to acquire the skill of graphic designing so one can design a one of a kind logo, is quite necessary. Everyone starts from the basics and ultimately will be able to reach a professional level.

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