How Technology Affects Our Lives

Effects of Technology on our lives

However, we do have a feel about how technology changes our everyday life. The impact of technology is more at the moment of inception of technology, but over time it gets absorbed into the social fabric.

Modern technology has its advantages and disadvantages. As with anything, you need to balance the negatives and positives in order to get the best result out of your technological devices.

Computer games for example, are great because they provide us with something more than a mind workout. They offer challenge and reward, it is like a game, but playing it for enjoyment instead of amusement. At the same time, there is the problem of addiction, which may end up in bigger consequences.

TV and internet have come as non-consumable media that help us stay active and entertained. It helps us find new career options and provide entertainment. Although some would say it has its downsides, nevertheless it has helped people to go through life more effectively.

Effects of Technology
Effects of Technology on Daily Lives

Due to its convenience and ease, it has also been known to aid in medical treatment. Some believe it may also be responsible for certain diseases and even illness.

In order to live a healthier life, we have to take proper care of ourselves with various forms of healthcare, vitamins, exercise, etc. With the emergence of television, internet, etc., we have been exposed to several types of interactive tools, which ultimately affects our lifestyle. It has even found its way to the school classrooms and homes.

Technology can also negatively affect our psyche. The new information that may get into our environment may keep us from getting what we want. Instead of reaching our goals, we find it easier to be in denial, which is a common feeling among our younger generation. We may get distracted by things that seem more important and meaningless.

Keep in mind that we must not forget the people who are suffering in these times of crisis. It will be difficult for them to deal with life issues, as the effect of such technology in their lives may be very detrimental to their lives. One cannot say how technology may affect us, because its influence varies from one person to another.

In fact, we are living in a new world. We can choose to deal with it or not.

We are free to make the best use of it or to ignore it. We are not bound by our past beliefs, so we can decide if we want to go with it or not.

What makes us truly happy is the fact that there are so many ways of interacting with technology, even with technological devices. What we will face is the future and how we adapt to it. There are no rules to follow; there are just limitations and rewards.

If we choose to take advantage of technological devices, we should not always expect to get something positive out of it. It is a reality that even the best technological devices can have some drawbacks. If we choose to, we can learn from them and adapt to new ways of dealing with our lives and technology.

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