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How to accelerate new employees’ productivity in the workplace

Last updated on August 19, 2019

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Employees play a major role in a company’s success, that’s why an employer should be sensitive on how to treat and engage their workforce. Remember, a good foundation is built from the very beginning, from the first day of the employee. Accelerating new employee’s productivity is a goal that every organization struggles to achieve because hiring involves a lot of efforts. Everything from preparing new-hire paperwork, to ensuring equipment is ready on time is very time consuming, So, once hired it becomes important to gain their confidence and retain them while accelerating their performance, there are few major factors affecting new employee’s productivity.

  1. Onboarding is Crucial

Why? Because a new employee can take lots of time to reach the same level of productivity as compared to already existing staff. To minimize that difference and catch the speed, proper onboarding is a must. There are a few important areas you should take care during onboarding.

Streamline the Process- Streamline paperwork, which will save your time and you can devote that time to employee orientation and training programs. Make the process interactive and interesting, remember it should not be too long making newly hired employee bored and exhausted.

First Impression- First impression is important, it develops an attitude towards the company and its peoples. A good impression allows new employees to become more engaged while solidifying the positive messages conveyed at the time of hiring.

Consistency is the Key- Maintain a consistent onboarding process, as they will receive consistent communications regarding agency goals and how they can support the company’s growth it will help in boosting up their confidence.

  • Strong Employee Relationship

Once done with the onboarding process, its time to introduce a new employee. How an employee interacts and engages with the team is crucial. To help new hire form a valuable relationship, make them acquainted with co-workers through “ice-breaker” activities, the key here is to introduce new hires to the co-workers and establish a relationship built on trust.

 If there’s camaraderie among the team, they will always perform better as compared to the team without proper bonding. Only when a new employee is comfortable reaching out to the co-workers for any type of assistance, he will be able to adapt to new surroundings, especially in the first few weeks. This is possible only if healthy professional relationships are there. The starting few weeks are vital in accelerating the performance of new hire, it’s a phase when they are ready to learn and grab as much as they can. As a company, it’s your duty to understand the caliber and then assign the work accordingly.

  • Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

It becomes challenging for an employee to succeed in a new role if they don’t have a clear or tangible understanding of their goals and objectives. If they don’t know what is expected out of them, they won’t be able to give their hundred percent. Ignorance impacts the performance, to enhance the performance of aligned them with a mentor who can guide them properly.

Roles and responsibilities are two different things a new employee should be familiar with, role defines his/her position within the company including their team as well as the department. Responsibility, on the other hand, defines the specific task or course of action expected from the employee. New employees and mentor should meet once or twice a week to discuss the progress and how smoothly they are adjusting in the job.

  • Training is important

Training is vital throughout the life-cycle of an employee to keep them updated and stand ahead in the competitive market. When it’s about new employees, it’s a mandate to enhance the productivity of new hire in their role.

Make sure they know how to use all the tools and apps. Don’t just assume that he/she has similar experience from the last organization means they are perfect in all the software your company uses, the software’s and the way of handling them varies company to company. So, train them before assigning task and if you have hired a fresher than it becomes a necessity to invest some time training them on software, apps or tools you are using.

The first step in the realm of training a new hire, compile a list of all of apps and platforms necessary for their job profile. Next is to determine training resources for each platform and then start the training. At the end of the training ensure, employee know how to log in to each platform and whom to contact for access or assistance if they stuck somewhere.

  • Feedback

If you will ask for feedback and reviews from employees it will make them feel important that they are heard in the company, they have a voice. It will develop their trust in your organization making them honest towards their work which will positively impact productivity. Also, don’t forget to take feedback of the onboarding process, they are a good way to get the insight HR need to improve onboarding process which helps them in designing a flawless onboarding program.

  • Let Them Shine

You have followed the basic steps to train and introduce your new employee, now it’s time to let them perform. Give them their space to work, experiment, learn and perform while bonding with their colleagues. If they made mistake, correct them, if they perform well never forget to appreciate them, if they put an extra effort, recognize them. These are all small steps that built the confidence of a new employee and motivates them to achieve the target along with accelerating their speed. Let your employee shine, your company will automatically shine.

Companies need to invest wisely when it comes to their employees and it starts from day one, from the onboarding process, which is critical in setting employee’s success and organization’s growth. When employees are set up for success, they become more engaged, satisfied, and productive. Don’t fall short with onboarding initiatives and make sure you get your new hires pick the speed quickly.

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