How To Attract Customers with an Effective Banner?

A banner is a business card of your company. Therefore, when creating a banner, it is worth remembering that the first impression of users about your organization will be formed precisely on the basis of the animation seen. But before talking about the graphic and textual content of the web banner design, we outline a few simple but important points that should be taken into account in order to achieve success in the advertising campaign:

1. Even the most attractive banner will not be able to keep the consumer, if your product/service is not high quality, popular and interesting.

Example: By advertising standard office supplies that a consumer can purchase at a nearby store, you are unlikely to be very successful. It is much more efficient to present original notebooks, pens, folders with a unique design, shape, and materials. Or represented by well-known brands, having durable wear-resistant coatings, a recognized quality mark, etc.

2. Even an expensive and unique banner will not bring the expected results if you place it in the wrong place.

Example: A banner advertising fishing accessories is unlikely to be placed on the women’s portal. Just like a banner about a new gynecological clinic, it is unlikely to find a big response on the site about fishing and hunting. Therefore, first of all, study the places where representatives of your target audience most often live.

3. Even the most beautiful banner will not be effective if you try to fit all the text from your site into it. A lot of text is one of the main mistakes of banner creators. Remember: the consumer will never read tons of textual information on the animation. Here you need a clear advertising text with an interesting message and a well-formulated idea. When writing text for a banner, you should adhere to three simple rules:

  • The text should not only describe the service / product, but also reveal the problem that will help solve your proposal.
  • The text must be addressed directly to your target audience, taking into account the characteristics, problems, mood and material status of its representatives.
  • The text should not directly answer the question, but arouse the curiosity of the reader, intrigue him, arouse interest to know more information.

Example: A banner advertising an online game, where it is proposed to find a hidden villain among identical at first glance characters. No less interesting are the advertising and humorous banners that reveal a certain plot.

Talk about the schedule

First of all, it is worth remembering that the text and graphics in the banner are closely interconnected. That is, if the text is wonderful, but the graphic part is not thought out – the banner will not bring effect. If the graphics and plot are great, but the text is not interesting – again, creating an animation will be in vain.

When creating the graphic part, several rules should be taken into account:

  • The banner should be in harmony in color, style and level with the design of the site on which it is planned to be displayed.
  • The banner should attract attention. Therefore, you should definitely use flash or GIF animation, but do not overdo it orĀ  make the banner too eye-catching or annoying. It was revealed that the animation increases the effectiveness of the banner by 30-40%. But this is provided that the animation does not scatter attention, does not abound in many complex elements and loads quickly.
  • Try not to change text and images too fast. Do not use creeping lines, make the time between frames longer so that the user can read the message without tension and examine the animation images.
  • Follow the color scheme. In no case do not make the background of the banner flickering. Of course, this will attract attention, but it will not turn out the effect you need. Also, do not use color combinations

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