How to be successful on Instagram by Using Instagram TV

In 2018, Instagram execute director announced that they will add a new feature on the application which is related with long form videos. From Instagram development in 2010 until  2017 the videos that have been uploaded on the social platform were no longer than a minute. Now the length of the  videos on IGTV can be up to an hour. It can be very useful for brands, influencers and business companies because it gives the chances to grow brand’s visibility and grow everyone’s Instagram audience. This step-by-step guide “How to be successful on Instagram with the usage of Instagram TV” will help you to grow your business. Also check- HOW TO GET FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM.

How to be successful on Instagram

The platform can bring new potential customers to any kind of business , because a new place where you can upload video content means a new way to be noticed. It would bring much more traffic on Instagram accounts and would increase the engagement percent of the followers. Also Check- How to integrate Instagram stories into the purchasing journey?

Not only the business sector, but also influencers can get advantages from this feature. For them the number of likes and followers is one of the most important things to grow their influence.

However, there are companies on the market that provide real Instagram likes and if someone wants to grow their public faster they can use these services. In this article we are going to learn some important things regarding the usage of Instagram TV. Also Check-

Important things regarding the usage of Instagram TV.

  • First of all you should set up your channel by downloading the IGTV application or you can approach it by clicking on the TV icon on your Instagram page. Then create your channel as Instagram will ask you whether to continue as the current user or create a new profile.
  • The next step is to create your first video. You should try to create a video with exclusive content in order to ensure your audience that the videos you are providing are worthy watching and  the quality of the content is high. You should invest in your content more effort – time , maybe money but if you want to succeed on IGTV you need to put more efforts in order to make your content interesting.
  • Create a title for  the video and a description as well. You should choose wisely the exact name of the video. Make sure it is related with the video content and the description as well.
  • Instagram TV also gives the opportunity to everyone to choose the cover image. You can choose it from the video or upload an interesting image related to the video content and put it as a cover image. Choose the most eye-catching image possible. Also check- How to Download Videos from WhatsApp and Instagram?
  • If you are a business owner you can provide information to your followers such as some interesting details about your business or tutorials of the making of your products. If you are a chef you can publish videos that show how to prepare tasty and easy dinner for example.

What should you do:

  • You can create a “Swipe up” story on your Instagram followers account and put a direct connection to  your IGTV video in order to promote it and gain more viewers.
  • However, this feature is available only for users who have more than 10 000 followers or are verified accounts.
  • So if you answer to one of these conditions don’t think twice and post a “Swipe up” story.  This way you will gain more attention. You can also share the video to other Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusion: How to successful on Instagram

This step-by-step guide for successful on Instagram is to build and attract loyal and engage followers you should try IGTV feature and share high quality and well-planned video content.

First you should ask yourself what you want to achieve by creating videos on IGTV. Once you clarify your goals, take the opportunity and improve your business. 

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