How to create a Wikipedia page with guarantee of placement in Global encyclopedia?

Create a Wikipedia Page

How to create a Wikipedia page? How to make a Wikipedia page about a person or company? What are the rules of Wikipedia text? How often can I edit Wikipedia text? What is the right article for Wikipedia? These are the most frequently asked questions by people who want material about their company to appear in the largest free global encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is a free, global encyclopedia whose main purpose is to provide access to information. The Wikipedia project does not pursue commercial goals and exists solely through donations. The information described in the Wikipedia Internet encyclopedia, in most cases, falls into the TOP-1 of search engines, attracting the maximum from possible Internet traffic. Having your own Wikipedia page, your company can get an additional source of new customers and significantly increase the level of trust in the Internet audience.

How to make a Wikipedia page on a person or a company independently?

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Expert Wikipedia creators and editors know all the technical rules that are required to create a Wikipedia page. At first glance, there is nothing complicated in this process. Having in stock several hours of free time, you, or any other user of the global network, will be able to place pre-prepared material.

But, given that today in the world of Wikipedia there are already millions of pages, and even an unregistered user can add materials, it’s not so simple. The rules for adding text to the Wikipedia website require not only literacy and encyclopedic submission, but also a clear justification for the value of the posted material for project visitors.

In other words, you must not only create the material, but also justify its true value to the community. In most cases, self-adding of text to Wikipedia ends with deleting the article, and in some cases, blacklisting your project, company or name.

Ordering material for the Wikipedia site from non-professionals also does not end with anything good. Project administrators carefully monitor freelance exchanges and define custom articles, making the contractor and customer a lifelong blacklist.

How to create a Wikipedia page that does not damage your company’s image?

 Create a Wikipedia Page
Create a Wikipedia Page

Wiki experts and professionals fully support the policy of posting materials on the Wikipedia website. They do not provide services for the paid placement of materials in the global encyclopedia, and they are not going to edit the Wikipedia text for their own benefit.

With their help, worthy people and the company receive quality assistance in preparing material for the encyclopedia, accompaniment in posting, and further support of the page (introduction of edits and post edits).

To get advice on the possibility of your placement on the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, it is recommended to contact them. Confidentiality of your appeal is guaranteed by their services.

Page components

Components that should be included in a good Wikipedia page:


Matching categories to your article. All Wikipedia pages must correspond to at least one category.


The article should be objective in both style and content. Any ads will be removed soon.

Some links

Placing in the article links not only to your resource, but also to similar sites, so that the editors do not see spam in this.

Links to other Wikipedia pages

Selecting for your page links to other Wikipedia pages – this is approved by the editors and will greatly benefit the Wikipedia community.

People will change your page.

This is the principle of Wikipedia. If your page has at least one Wikipedia violation, it will be useless to argue. Many changes are made by people who incorrectly subjectively interpreted Wikipedia policies, and if you do not agree with them, we discuss this with other users. If there is no way to resolve the dispute, we turn to the administration.

Interesting Wikipedia articles that will benefit in the future should:

  • Be written in a neutral information style without advertising coloring.
  • If possible, be formulated in a simple and understandable language for the target audience.
  • Allow the reader to receive an exhaustive answer to a topic of interest to him.
  • Contain only reliable and verified information
  • Do not violate copyrights and contain links to the source of information if you use them to prepare your material.
  • Have a high uniqueness.
  • If possible, be qualitatively optimized by keywords.
  • Do not contain grammatical, logical and factual errors.
  • Contain high-quality graphic materials.

In addition, to write an article on Wikipedia you need to try to make it as close as possible in appearance and semantic content to the material posted to this resource. In this case, you will have less difficulty posting the article, and the visitor will not be suspected to its hidden advertising subtext and will accept the information as true in the first instance.

It is not an easy task to create a Wikipedia page for the person who solves it for the first time. If you do no plan to do this all the time, it is much more profitable to order the placement of information on the Wiki and get a quality article with a guarantee of its publication.

How to add an article to Wikipedia?

Well, the answer to this question of how to add an article to Wikipedia so that it is published and contributes to the development of your business, technically looks like a few points:

  • Prepare a unique, previously unpublished material.
  • Format material according to Wikipedia rules.
  • Place Wiki Layout
  • Bring material into line with the requirements of Wikipedia Article.
  • Go to your personal account and post an article.
  • Save the material and wait for its verification.

After saving, the article will appear in this electronic encyclopedia and will be available both to its users and in the results of search engines for relevant user requests. The steps that you need to follow to place your Wikipedia article look very simple, but when implementing this task in practice, usually untrained people have a number of problems that should be addressed. Therefore, in order to publish the material successful you should contact to an experience marketer of an agency or a company.

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