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Nowadays many users searching on google – how to get followers on instagram in every 0.6 second. Businesses are coming towards digital world and Instagram is there main focus. there are many ways where you can increase instagram folowers organicaly by these 6 practical tips below.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with Daily active users. but its not a big deal to get more follower on instagram.

Initially, it was only a fun photo sharing app but now it has become a successful and powerful marketing tool.

You should also move your business to Instagram for a better and friendly interaction your fans and customers.

You find it difficult to get followers on Instagram, and are you looking for tricks and strategies that will allow you to gain visibility on instagram

Well, you are reading the right guide for you.

Here you will find the easiest and simplest way to increase the number of followers, and have such a large audience.

The reasons for wanting to gain followers on Instagram can be several. either for a personal passion. Or for advertising or for all those who want to have more notoriety to make job proposals.

We are going to analyze some very useful, simple and practical tips to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

How To Get Instagram Followers: 6 practical tips

1- Connect Facebook with your Instagram user

You will have read it everywhere but it is a basic advice to have more fans, indeed it seems somewhat logical and banal, but you do not have to underestimate it. 

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The more friends you have on Facebook, the more people will receive the notification, and consequently the more likely you will be that many people will become a follower.

2- Use the right hashtags

Have you ever wondered what it is like to put a hashtags before one or more words?

The hashtags put words or phrases in evidence, enjoying the most popular ones, making them visible to all who are not your followers.

In fact, the pad is a symbol that indicates to the search engines that the text that follows is an identifiable keyword as a tag. it can also directing your post towards searches by other users on similar arguments.

How to use hashtags?

Do you have to choose some in particular, or is the order commutative?

proper use of hashtags while publishing any content on instagram it can help you to get followers on instagram as more as possible.

If you usually use Instagram, you will surely have noticed that in the descriptions there are some hashtags that appear repeatedly, such as #Instadaily #Instagood #Photooftheday.

We reveal some suggestions that will lead you to a high number of followers:

There are more popular and appreciated hashtags by the Instagram community, that is, the Top Hashtags.

For  Example: #love #instadaily #instagood #summer #me #instagramhub #tbt #follow #cute #iphoneonly #photooftheday #igdaily #instamood #bestoftheday #iphonesia # picoftheday #igers #girl #tweegram #beautiful etcetera etcetera.

To have hashtags always readyand well organized you simply have to copy and paste from the notes of your mobile. 

Use the Tagboard for more accurate search and monitoring.

Use the hashtags associated with the photo content, also inside a description.

3- Write a description in each photo

A description can be very important to give the photo an attached value, increasing interactions, therefore increasing the user’s curiosity, which will most likely become your fan.

Surely you have noticed that most of the hashtags are in English.

So, to have more popularity on Instagram you have to strive and target an international audience, to attract international followers.

with the advantage that this will make you visible on many more devices, compared to a title written in Spanish that will surely be more limited.

4- Original Photos

We have spoken of people, we have spoken of descriptions, clearly we cannot not speak of the most important subject of this social network: the photos!

Speaking of photos, a particular mention must be made about the effects.

There are some effects that are more appreciated than the others , and that the server recognizes and directs towards other users who

have liked photos with the same effects (data obtained by the appreciations in the photos that carry these effects) which are:

5- Be active to get followers on instagram

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social network, and that is why it requires interaction.

It is very important to be recognized by the server as an active user, which will help make you appear at the top of the searches. Therefore, some indications:

I. Gain interactions

by adding likes and comments, which will consequently lead to other likes and comments to your profile, because you will enjoy thanking and the psychological sense of feeling indebted to the users to whom you will give appreciation.

II. Add many followers

in particular to the non-stars of Instagram, it helps to help the system insert you into a circle of people and therefore it will advise you, once again, to people of the same target and interest.

III. Same passions

search for users who have your same interests and interact with them.

IV. Avoid already famous profiles

they will hardly notice you, alternatively you can target and interact with their followers.

6- The importance of time

Instagram has a preference for the photos highlighted. Posting a photo, for example in the late evening, means inserting it at a time when users are very inactive.

therefore your post will drop a lot in the visibility ranking, as a consequence of a notable drop in likes and followers.

regarding which you can win by publishing the photos at the right times.


According to statistical data-

  • the use of Instagram is much more active generally at five in the afternoon.
  • in the early hours of the night.
  • and when everyone finishes their own main activities.


The best ones to post on are Thursday and Friday, even in the afternoon.


Very important. Its effectiveness period – in which 50% of likes and comments are verified – is 3 hours, doing so you will have a very active profile.


Getting Instagram followers has never been so practical, today we spend few hours and tomorrow we find thousands of followers. Not bad, right?

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