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How to identify a piece of real meteorite jewelry?

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Meteorite jewelry is quite rare and much in demand. If you’d ask any Melbourne Jewellers meteorite rings and bracelets are a very fast selling item. It is possible because there are less supply and more demand for the said product.

Meteorite jewelry is quite rare as mentioned above and very rarely you can find it, but when you do, how do you know that it is genuine meteorite jewelry? How can you possibly identify the rings, bangles or bracelets you have bought are meteorite jewelry? You cannot just go out and trust any jeweler who says that this precious item is meteorite material, especially if you aim to buy it for your wedding.

There have been cases where some retailers claim to have meteorite items, but when you properly inspect them, they are usually a mix of foil paper and a protective layer of plastic or some other metal.

 There are a number of ways to identify a meteorite ring or bracelet and to facilitate you we are going to list them down right here.

Genuine meteorite possesses magnetic properties

The first parameter for the jewelry item to pass as a meteorite has to be its magnetic property. If the jewelry is attracted to a magnet, then you can continue with the inspection.

You probably shouldn’t bother with it if it is not attracted to a magnet. This is because the meteorite itself is magnetic so any item made from meteorite should have magnetic properties

Genuine meteorite jewelry may have an authenticity certificate

Any authentic Melbourne Jewellers or jewelers in Australia will probably give you an authenticity certificate for the item they claim as meteorite jewelry.

This is because meteorite jewelry is quite rare and not everyone has it, in order to prove its authenticity retailers provide a certificate most often to tell their customers from where the item was sourced and what is the origin of the meteorite.

Genuine meteorite can get rusty with time

Meteorites are basically metallic which means with the passage of time they will potentially rust.  It is not an iron clad rule that a meteorite will rust, but the majority of the jewelry made from meteorite does get rust with time.

You don’t have to worry about the rust part as every retailer will give you proper instructions as to how you can properly care for the jewelry to avoid rust.

Acids will damage meteorite

Not a safe way to check the authenticity of the jewelry as you might damage it in the process of verifying it. But meteorite being a metal will corrode if exposed to acid for a longer period, it will depend on the strength of the acid. However, if exposure to acid does not damage the jewelry item, then it’s probably not a meteorite.


These are some very authentic methods to verify the authenticity of a real meteorite jewelry item. Make sure to check any jewelry which you buy from a retailer who claims it to be meteorite material.