7 Best tips to Integrate Instagram Stories for Marketing

7 Best tips to Integrate Instagram Stories for Marketing

Have you considered using Instagram to advance your prospects in the purchasing funnel? Stories offer many opportunities, useful for thinking about your potential customers. This article, will help us by Instagram Stories for Marketing to getting loyal consumers!

1. Focus on mature prospects

Instagram‘s stories are more effective at targeting leads located in the middle of your sales funnel. Use this format to convince people who have already interacted with your brand and shown an interest in your offers.

In order to impact this target in deep reflection, use clear messages and simple examples. Your readers are more inclined to stay on stories whose information is quick and easy to digest. Understanding your concepts and ideas should not require readers to take notes or view your stories multiple times. Our advices visual elements to get the message across: graphics, gifts, examples, videos, surveys, etc.

In this example, Hubspot relies on animations, but especially on surveys to capture the attention of its users. The tool raises questions that its target is already asking and to which they seek answers.

2. Regularly expose your prospects to stories

You can publish new stories every day or even several times a day. As they disappear in 24 hours, they are not likely to tire your followers.

This marketing strategy increases exposure to your brand and encourages interested prospects to listen to what you have to say. However, always focus on quality over quantity. Do not force yourself to post stories, because each story must add value.

Remember that your audience will remember the stories that arouse emotion or help them in their daily lives.

3. Offer Educational Content

To advance your potential customers in the purchasing tunnel, introduce them to new ways to use your products or services, as well as additional (or more specific) reasons for taking the next step.

With an educational history, you can teach something fundamental about your industry or the one in which your clients work. To illustrate your point, you can create a 15-second story that shows tips or tutorials specific to their needs, which facilitate their work or a daily task.

4. Standardize your Instagram stories with your marketing campaigns

The planning of your Instagram stories must correspond to the calendar of your marketing campaigns. As soon as you plan a specific event or communication (towards a segment of your target, for the launch of a new offer or the promotion of a specific product for the season, for example), your stories must follow the movement.

By standardizing your communication, you hammer your message to your audience. The latter is more receptive and above all, it notices your consistency.

Our advice Connect your stories to specific moments in the lives of your prospects to increase the strength of your message.

5. Pinning the buying guides on the front page

Once the 24 hours of your story are over, what do you do? It’s a shame to have spent time thinking and creating a captivating story, to spread it quickly… Especially since your stories can offer long-term marketing value.

Always in the perspective of advancing your prospects in the purchase tunnel, remember to record and pin the content of decision-making assistance. These stories, archived at the top of your profile, attract the attention of your followers.

6. Track the impact of your stories

Do your stories have an impact on your sales? From time to time, check that you are advancing prospects who view your stories.

How? ‘Or’ What? Via these different techniques:

7. Analyze the number of visits from Instagram:

  • Since you started to regularly publish stories dedicated to your prospects, have visits from Instagram increased.
  • Check the number of clicks on each story: you have more than 10,000 followers and the “swipe up” option on your stories? Look at how many people have opened your links.
  • Evaluate your private messages: have you noticed an increase in private messages, following the publication of your stories? Do these messages ask you for more information about your products?
  • Host a live webinar on Instagram: to launch or promote a new product or service. Advertise this webinar in your stories and analyze the number of people who connect to watch your event.

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