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How to wash a blanket at home?

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Different methods are adopted by the people to wash blankets at home depending on the type of material and fabric of the blanket just like cleaning/repairing carpets. For example cotton, woolen or mink. Each fabric demands a specific approach to wash, thereby protecting any damage to the fabric.

Wool blankets are famous for their durability, warmness, and softness and are commonly used in homes. They are easy to wash because they can be cleaned with a brush. You can also wash them twice a year depending on the condition of the blanket. Do not apply harsh Local Rug Cleaning agents as they can ruin the wool. You just need a mild detergent, a washing machine, and a soft-bristle brush, if you want to wash the woolen blanket at home. Lay the blanket on a flat area and brush in one direction of the blanket lengthwise. This will align all the wool fibers in the only one direction, keeping the structural length align and decreasing the abrasion if any.

Wool is a little denser than other material of the blanket, so any liquid spot or stain will penetrate deep inside the stuff unless it is cleaned immediately within the first few moments of absorbing in. In this case, use a mild cleaning solution mixed in warm water to remove stains as early as possible.  Do not scrub, otherwise, the stain will set in more deeply. Just soak the spots and blot with the cloth quickly.

If the blanket is too much soiled, it can be washed then in a washing machine either with cool water and a wool-friendly cleaning agent. Allow them to soak first in this solution for at least 10 minutes inside the washing machine. Run the machine for about 2-3 minutes gently. Then turn off the switch to rinse the blanket.

A wool blanket should not be dried using an electric dryer because it can damage its softness. Use natural methods to dry it such as you can hang it outside in fresh air. Moreover, avoid hanging it under the direct sunlight which can also weaken the wool fibers.

After washing, store the woolen blanket in a dark, cool place. Be mindful, when you take it out of the store after months to use again in winters, put it in the cool fresh air for about 5 minutes. This will make the fabric soften before re-use.

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