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Interested in Orange Essential Oil? Everything To know About Orange Essential Oil for Health

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An introduction to Orange essential oil

Orange essential oil is a natural product used in aromatherapy to create the feeling of happiness and warmth while calming nervous systems and digestive systems. It is produced as the by-product during the process of producing orange juice from the cells of orange by the process of centrifugation and cold pressing. It possessess several healing properties and aromatic compounds such as d-limonene. It contains several chemical compounds such as a-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, citronellal, neral and geranial. It has sweet and tangy smells and is watery in viscosity.

What are the advantages and uses of orange essential oil?

Helps in reducing anxiety and depression –

Orange essential oil helps in reducing anxiety and depression. Several researches suggested that inhaling of orange essential oil can help in calming mind and reduces the pulse rate. The aroma of orange can bring happiness. Breathing in the scent of orange essential oil may help alleviate anxiety, according to a small study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2000.

Helps in treating skin acne –

 This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and anti bacterial properties which help in treating skin acne. To use it, it has to be mixed with some carrier oils. After dilution you can apply on face on affected areas and it will fight for that infections and in few days it will be gone.

Helps in easing muscle spasms and cramps –

Orange essential oil has antispasmodic properties which helps in treating muscle spasms and cramps which occurs due to some outer injury. This oil along with carrier oil can also helps in providing ease from menstrual cramps and heavy cold cough.

It is great oil for skin –

Orange essential oil provides several benefits to skin. As mentioned previously it helps in treating acne. But when it is combined with carrier oil and applied on skin it helps in moisturizing the skin, improving the blood flow and clean the skin pores. You can also combine any carrier oil with sweet basil essential oil. It will give you same results as that of orange essential oil.

Reduces the appearance of cellulite –

Combining orange essential oil with any carrier oil and applying to affected area helps in softening of the epidermis, stimulation of blood flow and smoothing out cellulite lumps and bumps. 

Provide relaxation to sore throat –

Having anti microbial properties and pain killing analgesic properties helps in fighting with infections which cause sore throat, reduces the inflammation and provides relief from pain.

Used as antiseptic mouthwash –

Due to the antiseptic properties, orange essential oil can be used as mouthwash to treat mouth infections such as ulcers, gum disease gingivitis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing gum swelling and provide relaxation with ulcers pain. To use it, mix few drops of orange essential oil with one glass of water and trying gargling it.

How to prepare orange essential oil at home?

Ingredients required for preparing orange essential oil:-

Orange peels, vodka, glass jar coffee filter or cheese cloth or paper towel.

Step 1: first dry the orange peels on paper in direct sunlight until they become brittle hard. It would take maximum 2 days depending upon the weather.

Step 2: Make small pieces of that orange peel and place it into a jar. Combine warm alcohol with little vodka with hot tap water in the jar until all orange peel gets fully covered.

Step 3:  After screwing the lid and shake the jar several times a day. The more you will shake the jar the more oil will be extracted from the peels.

Step 4:  Strain the peels into a bowl using cheese cloth or coffee filter. Extract all the liquids into the bowl. Try to cover the dish with kitchen paper towel or cheese cloth. Be careful not to let the towel fall into the liquid. Let it sit for a few days and when the alcohol has evaporated, what remains will be orange oil. And then you can enjoy.

What are the best orange essential oil in India?

Organix Mantra Sweet Orange Essential Oil

3 best orange essential oil in India to buy online:-

Organix Mantra Sweet Orange Essential Oil :-

It is a cold pressed oil and is 100 percent pure and natural and can be used for skin care, oral care, stress reliever and to treat insomnia. It is a natural therapeutic oil which does not contain any fillers or preservatives.

Orange essential oil –

Orange Essential oil

It is one of the best orange essential oil to buy. This is because it is 100 percent ayurvedic oil made from natural herbs. It is a luxurious essential oil and is known to promote warmth and joy. It is powerful anti aging agent and protects against pollution and from any environmental damage. It has anti-oxidant properties which slows the rate of skin damage experienced from UV sun exposure and pollution. Visit kama ayurveda website and buy now.

Old Tree Orange Essential Oil :-

Old Tree Orange Essential Oil

It is 100 percent natural and made from natural ingredients such as hexane solvents and fillers. It is a tested product and can be used as diffuser for aromatherapy .

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