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Interesting Football Facts In Abu Dhabi

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It seems like football has always been the most popular sport in the world. And if you’re a fan, you know why. People often say that Football is the most important thing out of all unimportant things in the world. On the other hand, if you’re a player looking for practice, then you should definitely check the Dubai football trainers that can help you in your routine. In the meantime, let us brighten up your day with some interesting football facts that will enrich your knowledge of this beautiful sport.

Here are some interesting football facts that you may already know…

Before we even start with interesting football facts, here’s a couple of basic facts that may still blow your mind. You may think that this sport is just one of the best joint mobility exercises, but that’s not all.

First of all, Football Club in Abu Dhabi originated in China around .Nobody really knows what and how players did it then, but this is where this sport has its roots. Another rumor says that football originated in the early 19th century at the infamous Newgate Prison. It was when prisoners whose arms were cut off for theft began to pass to each other’s ball with their feet that football began. Leaping over the walls of London Prison, football has conquered the world in less than two centuries and has become the most popular sport ever since.

Also, did you know that the first basketball game was played with a soccer ball? So football had an impact on other sports as you can see. And it can easily be one of the best fat burning workouts for men.

Some numbers…

As for the interesting number facts in football, here are three. First, the most numerous football tournament ever played was in 1999. in Thailand. As many as 5,098 teams with over 35,000 players participated in the qualifiers. Maybe you wondered about the second one: it’s about the number of goals. The record for the number of goals scored in one match is held by Frenchman Stephan Stanis – with 16 goals. The third number fact about football is the mileage. Players run an average of 9.65 kilometers per game!

Of course, you probably know that only Americans and Canadians have a different name for football: they call it soccer. In Dubai and the rest of the world, it’s simply football.

And here are some interesting football facts that you surely have no idea about…

Ok, so these were some facts about football that you know about. Now let us tell you about some things that you surely don’t know of.

A red card in less than 3 seconds

After the whistle signaling the start of the match, football player Lee Todd exclaimed the f-word saying that the signal was too loud. He got the red card for this complaint, and at the same time, he entered football history as the player with the fastest red card ever – after only two seconds.

Saving measures

The white dot that serves as a marker for the penalty spot is actually – a saving measure. In the last decade of the 19th century, a long line was drawn, from out to out, parallel to the goal line, so the white dot was introduced as a measure of the more reasonable use of the line.

Interesting football facts about its pioneers

The first football club was founded in 1857. Two British officers, colonel Nathaniel Creswick and major William Prest founded Sheffield FC. This club celebrates its birthday on October 24, and they are currently in the eight leagues.


In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup, although it secured its placement because its players were not allowed to play without shoes.

Reagan as an inspiration

Cristiano Ronaldo is not this player’s full name. This “Ronaldo” is just a part of his name, which in its entirety reads Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. And that Mr. Aveiro, the star of Portuguese football and Madrid Real, was named Ronaldo because his father liked Ronald Reagan, who at the time of the birth of little Christian (1985), ended his first US presidential term.

First moving, then re-birth

The famous Liverpool football club was founded by an accident. Everton played at Anfield for eight years, then quarreled with the landlord and the owner of the famous stadium and moved to Goodison Park. And that owner, John Houlding, decided to keep his stadium from being empty and founded the Liverpool Football Club.  If may be difficult for Everton to agree to play at Enfield now, but it should be noted that there have also been appearances on “hate fields” with other clubs as well.

Interesting football facts about the record number of viewers

Since 1950, Football Abu Dhabi court Maracana has held the record for the number of spectators in a football match. There were 199,854 spectators in the World Cup final against Uruguay. There was about as much dissatisfaction in the audience as in the end when Uruguay won the title with a 2-1 victory after a second-half turnaround.

Gigs, captain of England

If this famous Manchester United player will go down in history as one of the best footballers that have not ever played in the World Cup, then his allegiance to Wales will be remembered forever. But, as a young man, he even captained England, making selections of high school students.

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