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Issues with your water heating system: Causes and Fixes

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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Delaying professional servicing and maintenance of your hot water plumbing system will not delay the inevitable, i.e. faults in your water heating system.

It is of great importance that you get your plumbing and water heating system  inspected and serviced at least once a year. Getting your system inspected by a professional will reveal every hidden and underlying problem with the system which will become the reason of your malfunctioning plumbing and water heating system.

You may be faced with different issues without proper maintenance, which will require different solutions, you may be required to repair the heating system or completely replace it with a new one in  some cases.

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The temperature of your hot water is getting unbearably hot

This is quite a common issue in Australian households, hot water getting so hot that it causes skin burns. Yes, water temperature rising above 60 degrees can cause second to third degree burns on your skin. If your shower is spraying out more than bearable hot water then it can be because of tempering valves not functioning.

Tempering valves are the reason your shower releases soothing warm water as it mixes the hot with the cold before supplying to your showers, this ensures safe water temperature.

Any faults in the tempering valves can significantly increase the chances of getting scalded due to overheated water. It is also possible that your valve is completely broken and worn out, this will happen with time, so you would probably need to get it replaced.

It is better to get a professional to get it done as he will diagnose the problem correctly and replace the plumbing properly.

No hot water, worn out heating system

If your bathroom and kitchen have stopped receiving hot water altogether, then it is probable that your heating system has expired. The water heating system usually has a lifespan of 8-15 years, depending how well maintained they are since they were bought.

All you have to do is check the manufacturing date, if it has been 10 -12 years, then it is time to get a new heating system rather than wasting money repairing something which cannot be repaired.

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Remember to get a professional to install the appliance rather than installing it yourself.

Rusty hot water

As most hot water systems have a tank storage where the water is stored to be heated by a coil (electric heater) or a burner (gas heater). With time you may start getting rusty water in your showers and taps. This is because your storage tanks have started to corrode and rust, as they are made of metal and constantly exposed to water.

This rusty metal pollutes the water stored in the tank and that is why you get rusty water in the taps and showers.

You will need a plumber to identify the rusted parts and get them replaced with a new one.

Other plumbing problems

There can be other plumbing issues which might affect your heating system. The most prevalent is the leaking of pipes and valves.

It does not need any mentioning that your heaters are connected with the plumbing of your home and any damage to the plumbing will surely affect the heating system. Leakage from pipes and valves will probably allow the hot water to leak even before it reaches the showers, it may decrease the water pressure.

There are other dangers attached to this as leaking pipes near electric heaters is also a very dangerous affair, as you are all well aware.

So if you have any hot water issue, it is imperative that you get a professional to inspect and diagnose any problem, underlying or visible.  Better safe than sorry.