Jitendra Gautam

Jitendra Gautam

Founder & CEO          

Hello Readers,
My name is Jitendra Gautam I have been working freelancing content writing since last 2 years. Along with this, I am also a skilled web developer. I have been experiencing more than 1 year of web development. I did not even have a knowledge of programming language when I was completing my graduation as it was the electrical and electronics branch I used to be engineering from. But my whole interest was more towards web design and development. Just like I did my Engineering after that a friend of mine told me that there are many software companies that teach a free course of web design and development. So I immediately consulted with that company and did a complete 2 months of web design and development course. After that, I worked on many live projects and took the experience. Then a few days later, an idea came to my mind that I should do something like that which will benefit others and they learn something from me. And I thought of creating a website like clinkcareer. And today I write inspiring
posts for all of you. But I have not left the website design and development even today and I will not leave it in the future.

I have a request to all of you if you have a small amount of profit to read my post and if you become something in the future, please if there is any troubled or starving or a poor you meet on the road, then please give a little help for him. thank you.

contact- [email protected], whatsapp- +91 7987406597

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