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JioFi Local Html Router Admin management

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We for indians, there is an excellent pocket router on the market for creating a small scale wifi area network. The fast growing company Jio, have it’s unique WiFi modem for various purposes. The Router name is JioFi, which have so many models are available on the market. Very economic wifi router available in indian market, for your small scale business, home purposes, converting Long tern evolution handsets VoLTE enabled etc using the one and only JioFi modem. Here in this post, I am going to show you the JioFi Local html wifi router admin page customization and management.

How to a device connect to JioFi WiFi Network

Basically how to get connect Via the JioFi network Via a common device is so simple. As we know there is a network modem name is common, as in case of JioFi, there is having name for each and every device the JioFi have. That name will be unique. This name is commonly called as SSID. And one password is there to get connect with the network generated Via this JioFi device.

So where you can find the SSID and password for getting connected to the JioFi WiFi network. The answer is so simple, Just remove the back cap of the device, and then remove the battery. and now on there a lot of denotes are therelike the device details. The SSID, Security ket, manufacture details etc.

Now you have to note the both SSID and security key from there. And insert Jio sim with a data recharge on it. Now turn on the device. Now is you want to get connect a computer, or mobile to the JioFi device. Then you need to do is, Just turn on the WiFi on your device. On the search, The SSID or device name will be shown the search devices list, and get connect to the network. When connecting, Just enter the security key and get connected to the internet connection. Enjoy high speed internet then.

Manage JioFi.Local.Html Router admin

Till the time, we have discussed on connecting the device with the JioFi. Now we are going to get the tutorials on how to manage the JioFi admin section.

To manage the Jiofi admin section, most of the users are willing to change the JioFi.local.html user id and password, since the default username and password is as “administrator”. For the most security, each and every user want to change the JioFi admin user Id and password to their desired one.

To get with the Jiofi admin page is so easy. You need not to enter the default the numeric ip address on the web browsers that is very hard to get remembered. So how can you get the admin page on your computer or mobile device?

To get sign in to the JioFi admin page, You need to just connect the device that you are using, whether it is your computer or the mobile phone. and open a web browser. and in the address bar, just enter the address http://jiofi.local.html.

This is enough, and when you hit the enter button, you will get the welcome page. on the top roght corner of the page, you can see the link “Login”, just click on the link, you will get redirected to the page to enter your username and password. Just enter “administrator” on both the fields. Now you are ger redirected to the admin router page.

There are a lot of optons that you can able to customize. On the WiFi section on the left menu, Just select the WiFi.

Now we want to change the JioFi SSID and the security key, which is the username and password of the router that we want to change. Now, on the respective box on th panel which is editable. Just place the cursor there, and then edit the username and password as your wish. and then go sown, and click on apply changes.

Done, that’s is. you have now changed the JioFi.local.html user id and password. Now your network is more secure.

Now it is time to wind up the post. If you are experiencing any issue regarding the JioFi admin page management, then connect with us. It is always better to change the default userid and password since there is chance of getting hack rate is high.

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