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15 Tips To Maintain Ideal Interior Temperature During Summer

Last updated on July 12, 2019

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During summer, tossing and turning in bed, drenched in sweat is really very frustrating. The rising level of mercury has made our life hell. There can be nothing worse than spending the whole night like you are in the seventh circle of hell.

But, you can try some tricks at your home to cool down the interior temperature. If you want to know that tricks then read the below-given points:

1. Purchase Cotton Bedsheets

Pack all your satin and silk bedsheets and bring cooler linen and cotton sheets at your home. Prefer to buy these sheets in a light color and make sure that these are lightweight. Cotton bedsheets are completely breathable and you will feel better while sleeping during the night.

The Egyptians use these cotton bedsheets for keeping them cool. In addition to this, they also use a wet towel or sheet and cover it while sleeping.

2. Use Freeze Bedsheets

This trick is really awesome!! Take a cotton sheet and put it inside the freezer for a few minutes before you are going to sleep. If you do not want the smell of pizza and ice cream from your bedsheets then make sure to put them inside the plastic bags before placing it inside the refrigerator. This trick will not help you whole night but at least it will help you sleep well.

3. Avoid Roasted Food Items

When it is extreme heat outside, roast dinners are out …or any hot meal. Prefer cold food items and salads instead of eating hot meals. Summer is a time when you should step away from the stove and try some new food items.

4. Purchase a Hot Water Bottle

Usually, you use these bottles to keep yourself cozy during winter. But, during summer, this hot water bottle will help you feel cool and comfortable. In extremely hot weather, put ice cubes inside this bottle and use it a cooling element.

5. Strategically Place Your Fans

If there is mild heat then the fan can efficiently work but if mercury level rises up so high then they fail to cool the atmosphere inside the house. This time, you need to strategically place the fan, point it’s towards the outside direction and slightly towards the windows. In this way, the fan will push out the hot air. Also, set your fan in a counter-clockwise direction to throw away the hot air.

6. Install Air-Conditioner

Air conditioning unit is not a luxury device anymore but they become a necessity. To keep the interior atmosphere cool and soothing, purchase ducted air conditioning Sydney. The air conditioners not only maintain ideal temperature but also help in prevailing required humidity level.

7. Stay In Ground Floor

If you have multi-story building then try to sleep on a ground floor. You will feel cooler and can sleep easily the whole night without increasing utility bills. This will make your life comfortable and much easier.

8. Close Your Curtains

During the daytime, the hot rays of rum hit the window and increase the temperature of our room. Therefore, it is an optimum way to close the curtains and prevent your room from hot sun rays.

9. Turn Off Your Lights

All light bulbs whether they are environmentally-friendly, they give off heat. Therefore, it is an optimum way to turn off your light bulbs when you do not need them. During summer, the sun shines for longer and turning off your light will not only reduce the amount of heat but also decrease the energy bills.

10. Wet Sheet On Open Windows

Take your bedsheet to dip it inside cold water and hang it in your open window and this will help in reducing your room temperature.

11. Unplug All Electronic Appliances

Here, a similar phenomenon applied for electrical appliances as for lights. Therefore, it is recommended to unplug all electrical appliances when they are not in use. Also, do not charge your mobile phones when you are asleep.

12. Purchase Buckwheat Pillows

Grain does not absorb heat, therefore, purchase buckwheat pillows and sleep well without any problem. It is one of the good investments for the summer time.

13. Prevent Your Room From Getting Humid

If you are frequently going to the bathroom to take a shower then make sure that water is cool instead of warm because hot water will spread the steam inside your room and make it much hotter.

You can also install an air conditioner to the mainatin good humidity level inside your room. Call the professionals who can help you in air conditioning Sydney installation and enjoy the right temperature and humidity level at your place.

14. Plant More Trees

You should plant more and more trees around your house. Right trees and shrubs will protect your home from extreme heat and provide you with much-needed shade.

15. Paint Your Walls With White

Again, maybe one for next year, but painting your house white helps. The white colour reflects the light, cooling the house down.