How to get a job as a PHP developer in india

How to get a job as a PHP developer in india

For a php developer, there are many ways to get a job. but before a job interview, you have to become more knowledgable in developing. and you have to put something about basic designing tips like CSS, Bootstrap library etc. there is some tip before the interview you are about to face,

Put your resume in various job portals – 
In India, here is many job portal websites are work for people to get a job easily like naukari dot com, indeed, monster job etc. you can put your resume in various job portals they will help you to get a variety of job in India.

Follow social media job-related communities- 
On the internet, there are several social media platforms are available for getting a job and opportunities. first of all, you have to follow minimum of 15 to 20 pages (job-related pages) on Facebook or in google+. and keep noticed on those pages. they will send you notification time to time.

Make your resume like professional-
Before facing any interview, you should make your resume like profational. if you don’t know how to write resume professionally then go to google and search there you will find lots of format for making good looking professional resume example.

Skills required for PHP developer job- 

1. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS-

it isn’t enough that you know PHP codes very well for php developer or software developer. it’s also important that you should know very well about HTML, CSS, javascript, and bootstrap. because nowadays many companies required an extra knowledgable employee.

2. Know about your self-

Before going to any company you should know your best skillls. any industry want a self confident employee which have atleast 1 skill in which he can perform best all over the other employee.

3. You should have good Business Communication skills-
As an employee, you have to deal with clients and resolve the issues when you work for a company as a freelancer. that’s why in short you should have good communication skills as well as good English knowledge.
4. Networking with designers-

If you are a PHP developer then you have to deal with web designer because you are not a designer your just a developer on another word you have to make a good relationship with designers for designing purpose.
5. Know data base connectivity-
If you want work as PHP developer then you should have knowledge of wamp and xamp server. they both provide server connectivity between website and database.
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